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Tuesday, 20th February 2018 Kingfisher invests in the future!

New software for CLP labelling & Safety Data

"CLP" is the most comprehensive change to how we label chemical products in a generation and aims to harmonsie hazard labelling across the EU.  From washing powder to wall coatings, the changes are far reaching and profound, changing all of the familiar orange and black hazard symbols as well as re-classifying many of the products we use every day.   In order to meet the deadline (1st June 2015) Kingfisher has invested in new software to help us create fully compliant material safety data sheets (MSDS) and labelling for products covered by the new legislation. As part of the process we have also undertaken  a coomprehensive review of all our raw materials to ensure accuracy of data inputs from our supplier base.   Work began over 12 months ago and has been a significant undertaking to ensure that our customers can reference compliant labelling information on our containers and MSDSs to meet their legal obligations to their staff.  Please note that there will be some "cross over" whilst existing stocks are used up and this is acceptable under the legislation for 12 months so you do not need to purge existing stock or indeed new stock that was made before 1st June 2015.  If you require background reference, please refer to the HSE website and if you have a product -specific question, please e-mail us via the contact page on our website. 





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