16 Apr 2024

How our mould-busting products saved a customer’s home

When it comes to home maintenance, few things are as persistent and frustrating as mould. It sneaks into the corners of bathrooms, creeps along ceilings, and stubbornly resurfaces even after a thorough cleaning. For one of our customers, Sarah, the battle against mould seemed endless until she discovered a solution that truly saved the day: Kingfisher's mould-busting products.


Sarah's story is like that of many others. Despite her best efforts to scrub away the black spots and repaint the affected areas, the mould kept coming back. It seemed like an endless cycle of clean, redecorate, repeat. Understandably, Sarah was at her wit's end. That's when she called us for help and we explained how our anti-mould products could finally turn things around…

Unlike traditional paints that just cover up the problem, Thermapaint goes to the root cause of mould growth. Black mould thrives on moisture and nutrients found in conventional paints. But Thermapaint is different. Its unique formula contains thermal ceramic beads that reduce condensation, depriving mould of the moisture it needs to survive. Plus, it includes an active film fungicide that neutralises the paint as a food source for mould, preventing its growth and spread.

After pre-treating the affected areas with Mould Cure, our specially designed fungicidal wash, Thermapaint can be applied with a brush and roller, just like any other paint.


The results were nothing short of miraculous. Not only did Thermapaint effectively stop the mould from coming back, it also brightened up her home with a fresh splash of colour. She choose the shade ‘Snowdrop’ from our Lakes & Fells colour palette to give her (now mould-free) walls a fresh, new look that she loves.

So, if you're tired of battling mould in your home, why not give Thermapaint a try? Break free from the cycle of clean, redecorate, repeat, and enjoy a mould-free home for good. Find out more tips to get the most of Thermapaint on the product page – and don’t forget to follow us on Facebook for more homecare tips from the Kingfisher team.