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Interior Brick and Dust Sealer (Matt Finish)

Coverage: 5-6 sq m / litre
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Total: 28.74 Inc VAT/£23.95 Ex VAT

Based on 12 reviews
  • Stop dusting on brick feature walls
  • Solvent free
  • Provides protection from staining
  • Suitable as a non-flammable fireplace sealer

    Interior Brick & Dust Sealer is a breathable (vapour permeable) surface treatment which stops the troublesome dusting typically associated with brick feature walls and decorative interior stone. Older bricks commonly deposit red dust in their vicinity because heating dries out the clay surface, encouraging fine particles to lose adhesion and detach. Soft stone and cement or lime mortar joints are similarly vulnerable.

    Interior Brick & Dust Sealer offers a cost-effective and lasting solution to the problem by binding and sealing porous or friable surfaces with its penetrating clear acrylic ester formula. It typically darkens the surface very slightly, often enhancing the substrate colour. In most cases one coat is sufficient for dust control but two coats can be applied for enhanced surface protection against liquid staining. Suitable as a feature wall and non-flammable fireplace sealer on most mineral based substrates including:

  • Clay Bricks
  • Stone (Porous)
  • Mortar Joints
  • Concrete

  • Amazing product!!!

    OMG I have just used this brick sealer and am amazed at how good the result is. I removed the plaster from a wall last year and really couldn't believe anything would make it look and feel this excellent. I've only done one coat at the moment (got to wait 12 hours between coats) but already there is zero dust coming from the wall and it looks, well, just so professional and sleek. It make the bricks look more beautiful. A very slight matt sheen which I love, and not even a shade darker, the colour is great. It's made me want to expose more walls! Thank you! (I still can't believe there is no dust!)


    Reviewed by Brenda Maguire on

    Kingfisher Responded on 14th August

    Hello and thank you for your very kind words it’s nice to know we are not the only ones who thinks that this is an excellent product. Many people ask about the result on the brick and we find you’ve summed it up perfectly.

    Does the job well

    Bought this for a new interior brick wall; it kept all in place and since then we have not had any dust falling on the floor!


    Reviewed by F Ali on

    Kingfisher Responded on 3rd August

    Thank you for your kind words we are glad the product worked well for you.

    Customer Review - Interior Brick and Dust Sealer (Matt Finish)

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