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  • "Wonderful finish on my lead sheet bay winndows and conservatory. All stains etc fully covered"

    Lead Renovation PaintJ Evans12th SeptemberLead Renovation PaintView Product
  • "I bought this product in the kit format, with moss killers and primer. I treated and coated an asbestos roof in my garden shed that i share with my neighbor.At the end both of us were very pleased with the results, the roof is now safer as the coating provide good encapsulation and it looks nice too. The job was carried about 1 year ago and the coating looks still as a new."

    Asbestos Roof CoatingMorris21st NovemberAsbestos Roof CoatingView Product
  • "We got 3 testers and chose the dark terracotta and the finished roof looks excellent. Kingfisher recommended spraying but we used brushes and still got a really good finish, although it is a big job. "

     Roof Paint - Coating &  Sealant (Kolourseal)Andy Finlay14th November Roof Paint - Coating & Sealant (Kolourseal)View Product
  • "Excellent product which is simple to mix and use. I also bought the Quickpoint gun, pointing Solution and Mortar rake kit - so I had everything required to make a professional job at a fraction of the cost."

    Coloured Pointing MortarDavid Miller08th JanuaryColoured Pointing MortarView Product
  • "I hadn't used Weatherflex before so wasn't sure what to expect but it was very easy to work with and rollered on well to our dashed walls. The finished house in Lakeland Blue is very striking and a huge improvement!"

    Smooth Masonry Paint (Weatherflex)Daniel Burt14th NovemberSmooth Masonry Paint (Weatherflex)View Product
  • "Really pleased with the results; so was my neighbour because he ordered some too!"

    Block &  Paving Sealer (K-Seal) Dave Cole27th NovemberBlock & Paving Sealer (K-Seal) View Product
  • "Bought this in Earth Brown for my parents house. Good quality paint and they are delighted with the result. Would happily recommend to friends and family."

     Roof Paint - Coating &  Sealant (Kolourseal)Mr B McLean13th December Roof Paint - Coating & Sealant (Kolourseal)View Product
  • "absolutely superb product, restored my 16 year old block paving to look like new, I`ve personally reccomended it to friends, colleagues and passers by"

    Restore-A-Drive Coloured Block SealerJohn Lockett11th JanuaryRestore-A-Drive Coloured Block SealerView Product
  • "Definately Kwik by name and Kwik by nature! We used this tool and did a days work every 2 hours! Brilliant."

    Quikpoint Pointing GunD Miller08th JanuaryQuikpoint Pointing GunView Product
  • "Really happy with colour "

    Anti-Mould Paint (Thermapaint)Melissa27th JanuaryAnti-Mould Paint (Thermapaint)View Product


We have Moved!

We have Moved! Thursday, 17th November 2016

Our new location in Glasgow is now open! You can find us at: Kingfisher Building Products Ltd 150 Shuna Street  Glasgow G20 9ES   TEL - 0141 353 6996 Click here to find us on Google maps.   &...

How to use Bare Bricks at Home

How to use Bare Bricks at HomeMonday, 11th July 2016

Exposed brick walls are as popular as ever, adding beautiful features to homes old and new! Here’s some ideas for how to use yours at home. Exposing a wall or area of brickwork creates a totally different feel...

How to Maintain Wooden Garden Furniture

How to Maintain Wooden Garden FurnitureTuesday, 5th April 2016

How to Maintain Wooden Garden Furniture 5 reasons to care for your garden furniture & 5 steps to the perfect finish! 1.  Appearances matter.   Give your patio furniture a new lease of life! 2.&...

A Guide to Masonry Paint: How to Choose Masonry Paint

A Guide to Masonry Paint: How to Choose Masonry PaintThursday, 10th March 2016

Want to ensure your home not only looks its best but is also well protected from the elements? We explain what you need to know about choosing and using masonry paints. Maintaining the exterior of your property wit...

How to Maintain an Exposed Brick Wall

How to Maintain an Exposed Brick WallTuesday, 16th February 2016

With the right design know-how, an exposed brick wall can be the perfect, unique touch for any room.  It brings organic character and warmth which isn’t found in plain drywall and can suit living and work...

Competition Time! Win £50 to Spend on

Competition Time! Win £50 to Spend on KingfisherUK.comTuesday, 16th February 2016

We are running a competition on our Facebook, giving you the chance to win a £50 voucher to spend at! All you need to do is guess how many testers of our Kolourseal Roof Paint are in the ...

Become a Kingfisher Approved Kolourseal Roof Coatings Installer!

Become a Kingfisher Approved Kolourseal Roof Coatings Installer!Thursday, 4th February 2016

Become a Kingfisher Approved Kolourseal Roof Coatings Installer   Our intensive one-day training course provides you with new skills and a wide range of useful benefits to help you build your business ...

Wardrobe Malfunction – Mouldy Clothes Alert!

Wardrobe Malfunction – Mouldy Clothes Alert!Monday, 25th January 2016

No, this is not fashion guidance for the sartorially challenged, this is guidance on what to do when horrible mould invades your wardrobes or cupboards!   At this time of year we always get a few calls from d...

Free Flood Sanitiser Information

Free Flood Sanitiser InformationWednesday, 16th December 2015

We understand the government has pledged a fund per household to help residents adversely impacted by the flooding but the timescale for delivery of this cash in uncertain.   With Christmas only 9 days awa...

Wet walls and heat loss

Wet walls and heat lossTuesday, 15th December 2015

With high winds and heavy rain a seemingly ever-present feature of the British climate, we are increasingly asked to advise our customers on how to deal with the dampness threat caused by driving rain.  Whether...

Storm Desmond and damp wall misery

Storm Desmond and damp wall miseryMonday, 7th December 2015

As the full effects of storm Desmond are felt across the U.K and especially in Cumbria and the Scottish borders, for many families the clean up cannot even begin until the floodwater subsides.   Being base...

Seal of Approval

Seal of ApprovalMonday, 7th December 2015

Nothing quite matches natural stone construction for aesthetic charm and durability.   There is something profoundly authentic and enduring about a building, quarried from the landscape in which it stands....

Banish mould and breathe easy!

Banish mould and breathe easy!Friday, 27th November 2015

Experts can’t agree 100% on why asthma and allergies are on the rise, but many health professionals believe that our increasingly sanitised and controlled living conditions hold the key.  Modern cleaning ...

Shabby to Showroom – transformational epoxy floor paint

Shabby to Showroom – transformational epoxy floor paintFriday, 6th November 2015

Concrete, it’s the flooring of choice for garages, utility rooms, sheds, kennels, workshops, stores and much more besides.    Hard wearing, even surfaced (usually!) and load bearing, concrete fl...

Interior Exposed Brick Walls

Interior Exposed Brick WallsThursday, 13th August 2015

The latest interior design trend to feature in homes and this season's style must-have: an exposed brick wall. Just have a read through some of the latest design inspiration blog articles and magazines to see a...

Damp walls & Driving Rain

Damp walls & Driving RainTuesday, 11th August 2015

One of the most common damp problems afflicting buildings in the UK is rain-driven moisture soaking through porous stone, bricks or mortar.  This is especially so during pronlonged periods of wet weather such a...

Limestone Paving - Don

Limestone Paving - Don't black out!!Monday, 27th July 2015

Limestone paving has grown in popularity in recent years and is widely available from builders' merchants and DIY outlets.  Although it is available in a broad range of colours, black and slate grey seem t...

Masonry Paint & Damp Wall Problems

Masonry Paint & Damp Wall ProblemsWednesday, 22nd July 2015

Several customers have asked recently if they can apply our Extreme Climate water seal over masonry paint or even underneath it to stop rain driving through their walls.    Usually this question arise...

Cracking Up!

Cracking Up! Monday, 20th July 2015

At this time of year our technical support are often asked "how do I fix cracks in my new concrete??" Well, the tongue-in-cheek answer is that "prevention is better than avoid getting them in the first...

Restore-A-Drive - The miracle paving sealer

Restore-A-Drive - The miracle paving sealerSunday, 19th July 2015

This is the time of year when we all clean our drives and patios to make the best of our lamentably short summer - especially those of us who live in Scotland!  But what can you do with really old block paving ...

Wood stain offer -extended!

Wood stain offer -extended!Friday, 17th July 2015

Our ever-popular K-X10 5 year wood stain has been on special offer this month and will now be extended until the end of August.  This gives you even more time to complete those essential summer mainte...

The truth about roof coating "scams"

The truth about roof coating "scams"Friday, 17th July 2015

Recently customers have expressed concern about various web articles and websites condemning roof coatings and "roof coating scams".  Whilst it is certainly true that there have been some questionable clai...

Kingfisher to exhibit at "Build"!

Kingfisher to exhibit at "Build"!Thursday, 16th July 2015

Kingfisher will be exhibiting at "Build" in early October of this year.  "Build" promises to be the largest building and construction fair to be staged in the U.K since the last "Interbuild" back in 2011. ...

Kingfisher invests in the future!

Kingfisher invests in the future!Thursday, 16th July 2015

"CLP" is the most comprehensive change to how we label chemical products in a generation and aims to harmonsie hazard labelling across the EU.  From washing powder to wall coatings, the changes are fa...

Home Owners Urged to Tackle Mould Before Autumn

Home Owners Urged to Tackle Mould Before AutumnWednesday, 15th July 2015

Home owners are being urged to re-paint their properties to tackle the spread of black spot mould before falling autumn temperatures see the return of conditions favoured by the persistent fungal growth. Black spot...

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