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Clear Epoxy Primer & Coating

Coverage: 6 sq m / kg
Application: Brush / Roller

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Kingfisher's Clear Epoxy Primer & Coating is a versatile high performance epoxy resin sealer, primer and coating, ideal for sealing most concrete and masonry surfaces to protect and maintain a stable, high quality concrete surface, especially where protection from immersion is required.

Clear Epoxy Primer & Coating can also be blinded with quartz sand (while tacky) to create a durable anti-slip surface finish.

Clear Epoxy Primer & Coating is an essential companion to our Damp Floor Epoxy Sealer Kit, providing a high integrity bond to the concrete substrate. (You typically need only 1 x primer pack per 4 x Damp Floor Epoxy Sealer Kits).

The membrane formed by our Clear Epoxy Primer & Coating is also moisture resistant and two coats can be used to control minor signs of damp ingress on older concrete floors.

Ramp fix

Used this to stop people slipping on a concrete ramp that was just too smooth and slippery in we weather. Very sticky to use but sand really bonded to it and has roughened the surface enough to make safe again.


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