Clear Epoxy Primer &       Coating
Clear Epoxy Primer &       Coating
Clear Epoxy Primer &       Coating
Clear Epoxy Primer &       Coating
Clear Epoxy Primer &       Coating
Clear Epoxy Primer &       Coating

Clear Epoxy Primer & Coating  

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A high performance epoxy resin primer, ideal for sealing concrete surfaces. May be blinded with quartz sand (while tacky) to create an anti-slip surface finish. Kingfisher clear epoxy resin for concrete floors can also form a moisture proof membrane. Read More

Coverage:3-5 m2/L
Application:Brush / Roller
Colour Palette:

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Clear Epoxy Resin for Concrete Floors

Kingfisher's Clear Epoxy Primer & Coating is a versatile high-performance epoxy resin sealer, primer and coating. It is ideal for sealing most concrete and masonry surfaces. Our clear epoxy floor coating protects and maintains a stable, high-quality concrete surface, especially where protection from immersion is required.

We have extensive experience and expertise in developing and supplying epoxy coatings. This ensures that you can expect the highest quality products. Our clear epoxy floor paint is very durable but also offers a smooth finish that will always impress.

Perfect for coating industrial floors and high traffic areas, this clear epoxy resin for concrete floors is second to none. It offers exceptional abrasion resistance as well as providing a smooth and beautiful finish. This clear epoxy floor paint is not just perfect for coating industrial floors and high traffic areas. It can also be used for concrete countertops and food preparation areas.

Clear Epoxy Floor Paint

Clear Epoxy Primer & Coating can also be blended with quartz sand (while tacky) to create a durable anti-slip surface finish.

Clear Epoxy Primer & Coating is an essential companion to our Damp Floor Epoxy Sealer Kit. It provides a high integrity bond to the concrete substrate. (You typically need only 1 x primer pack per 4 x Damp Floor Epoxy Sealer Kits).

The membrane formed by our clear epoxy resin for concrete floors is also moisture resistant. Two coats can be used to control minor signs of damp ingress on older concrete floors.

Before applying this two-part epoxy primer, it is wise to prepare and clean the flooring. Once the flooring is prepared, this product is very easy to apply and will enliven the space. Once applied, our clear epoxy floor paint makes the surface very easy to clean.

We have a wealth of experience providing epoxy resin coatings, so you can rest assured of quality. For more information regarding our clear epoxy resin for concrete floors, don’t hesitate to contact us today.

Ramp fix

Used this to stop people slipping on a concrete ramp that was just too smooth and slippery in we weather. Very sticky to use but sand really bonded to it and has roughened the surface enough to make safe again.


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