Anti-Sulphate (Ground Salt Neutraliser)  

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An absolutely essential component of the Kingfisher tanking system, Anti-Sulphate (Ground Salt Neutraliser) must be applied wherever ground water has penetrated. This is because ground water contains sulphates and chlorides which degrade Tanking materials. Read More

Coverage:2 m2/litre (2 coats)
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Ground Salt Neutraliser

  • Highly concentrated water-based, fluroro - silicate liquid solution
  • It is a principal component of our Aquatech tanking system
  • Can be used to neutralise ground salts

Uses include:

  • General maintenance
  • Tanking installations
  • Damp proofing

Rising damp is a common problem in many homes. The salts contained in groundwater can be absorbed into masonry which may result in visible salt deposits. Our Anti-Sulphate Ground Salt Neutraliser is an aqueous solution. It has been specifically developed to rectify salt deposits on masonry.

Whether you are finding salt contamination on plasterwork or exposed brick, this product will never fail to impress. Our brick salt neutraliser will help you save considerable time and money if plasterwork remains in good condition. Simply apply our salt neutraliser paint straight onto the original plaster.

Brick Salt Neutraliser Paint

Salt efflorescence can be seen on brickwork, stonework and plaster. The salts within the masonry can often pass through the surface. The neutralising action of our high-quality salt neutraliser paint was specifically developed to overcome the problem.

If white deposits are beginning to appear on masonry, apply some brick salt neutraliser to battle the problem of salts. Often, people become concerned that a damp proofing course has failed. Although usually, that is not the case. This product can help you to save substantial sums and time, so you won’t need to re-plaster the affected area.

Kingfisher Anti-Sulphate Solution is applied by brush or low-pressure spray onto brickwork, blockwork, stonework and sand/cement render in 2 stages. One litre of Kingfisher Anti-Sulphate Ground Salt Neutraliser applied in 2 coats will cover a surface area of approximately 2 square metres.

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