Anti-Sulphate (Ground Salt Neutraliser)

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Anti-Sulphate (Ground Salt Neutraliser)

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Anti-Sulphate (Ground Salt Neutraliser)
Anti-Sulphate (Ground Salt Neutraliser)

Anti-Sulphate (Ground Salt Neutraliser)  

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An absolutely essential component of the Kingfisher tanking system, Anti-Sulphate (Ground Salt Neutraliser) must be applied wherever ground water has penetrated. This is because ground water contains sulphates and chlorides which degrade Tanking materials.Read More

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Coverage:2 m2/litre (2 coats)
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Ground Salt Neutraliser

  • Highly concentrated water-based, fluroro - silicate liquid solution
  • It is a principal component of our Aquatec tanking system
  • Can be used to neutralise ground salts

Uses include:

Rising damp is a common problem in many homes. The salts contained in groundwater can be absorbed into masonry which may result in visible salt deposits. Our Anti-Sulphate Ground Salt Neutraliser is an aqueous solution. It has been specifically developed to rectify salt deposits on masonry.

Whether you are finding salt contamination on plasterwork or exposed brick, this product will never fail to impress. Our brick salt neutraliser will help you save considerable time and money if plasterwork remains in good condition. Simply apply our salt neutraliser paint straight onto the original plaster.

Brick Salt Neutraliser Paint

Salt efflorescence can be seen on brickwork, stonework and plaster. The salts within the masonry can often pass through the surface. The neutralising action of our high-quality salt neutraliser paint was specifically developed to overcome the problem.

If white deposits are beginning to appear on masonry, apply some brick salt neutraliser to battle the problem of salts. Often, people become concerned that a damp proofing course has failed. Although usually, that is not the case. This product can help you to save substantial sums and time, so you won’t need to re-plaster the affected area.

Kingfisher Anti-Sulphate Solution is applied by brush or low-pressure spray onto brickwork, blockwork, stonework and sand/cement render in 2 stages. One litre of Kingfisher Anti-Sulphate Ground Salt Neutraliser applied in 2 coats will cover a surface area of approximately 2 square metres.


Kingfisher “Anti-Sulphate Solution” is a highly concentrated water based, fluro–silicate liquid
solution that turns “soluble” salts to “insoluble”. It is a principle component of our “Aquatech” and
“Tankit” tanking systems which include the following companion/ related products:
• Kingfisher “Tankit” tanking slurry powder. (for damp proofing above ground)
• Kingfisher “Aquatech” tanking slurry powder. (for waterproofing below ground)
• Kingfisher “Barrier Mortar”. (for sealing wall/floor joints)
• Kingfisher “Tank Plug”. (for sealing up dripping or running water)
• Kingfisher “K-X11 admixture” (polymer mortar additive)

This data sheet may include reference to the other components but you should still refer to the
individual product data sheets for detailed application guidance – published on our website



The ground beneath our feet is full of “salts” of different kinds such as nitrates, sulphates and
chlorides. These “salts” are present everywhere in different concentrations and cause various
problems for buildings. Below ground in a basement for example any dampness migrating through a
basement wall is inevitably carrying groundwater salts whether visible or not. Rising damp too
carries significant “salt” contamination. Unfortunately all ground water salts are destructive. They are
corrosive to many common building materials including clay bricks, soft stone, lime mortar, Portland
cements and of course steel.

Applied to contaminated walls, Kingfisher “Anti-Sulphate Solution” can be used to neutralise ground
salts, allowing rendering and tanking materials to be applied without fear of the material subsequently
delaminating and “falling out

a) General Maintenance
A vital surface preparation for salt contaminated walls prior to the application of cement renders,
pointing mortar and repair mortars.

b) Tanking Installations
Neutralises groundwater salts in preparation for application of polymer-modified sand and cement
render coat. Kingfisher “Anti-Sulphate Solution” is compatible with the Kingfisher “Aquatech” and
“Tankit” tanking systems.

c) Damp Proofing
Anywhere ground water has penetrated the substrate by rising damp or lateral penetrating damp and
a mortar repair is needed.



a) Remove skirting boards, timber fixings, cable fixings or steelwork etc, to allow free access to the
area to be treated.

b) Remove all plaster, rendering, paint, limewash, bitumen, felting or other coverings, back to a sound
substrate. This may require sand/grit blasting, needle gunning, wire brushing or power washing to
ensure surface is suitably prepared for application. (Note; - If previous coatings cannot be removed,
then the fixing of stainless steel Expanded Metal Lath will be required.)

c) Rake out the mortar joints to 13mm minimum and remove all loose material by brushing. Re-point
any unstable masonry using a 4:1 sand cement mix incorporating 3:1 clean water and Kingfisher KX11. (Allow to cure for 24 hours).

d) Occasionally you may encounter heavy salt deposits beyond the typical “white efflorescence”. Over
time heavy salt deposits may “calcify” or harden (like cave stalactites) especially if there is constant
dripping water. Such “calcified” salt deposits must first be mechanically chiselled off and then wire
brushed as they cannot solely be treated chemically.


• Ground salts are often found in high concentrations in areas where coal has been stored in the
past, or in plaster and substrates of chimney breasts.

• Remember ground salts are always present in damp masonry, whether visible or not as
moisture often disguises the salt “in solution”. Kingfisher “Anti-Sulphate Solution” salt
inhibitor should therefore always be used as a precaution.

• Salt contaminated plaster must be removed as it can never be recovered even with Kingfisher
“Anti-Sulphate Solution”.



Kingfisher “Anti-Sulphate Solution” is applied by brush or low pressure spray onto brickwork,
blockwork, stonework and sand/cement render in 2 stages.

a) The first coat should be a 1: 1 solution /water mix and should be allowed to dry overnight.

b) A second coat of neat Kingfisher Anti – Sulphate Solution should be applied the next morning. Rendering / Tanking can proceed immediately and should not be delayed longer than 2 days.

It is important to understand that Kingfisher “Anti-Sulphate Solution” (or any similar material) can
only provide temporary salt suppression. In basements especially, ground moisture is a constant
“conveyor belt” delivering salts to the surface. The “Anti-Sulphate Solution” simply restrains it long
enough for the polymer modified render/ tanking to bond to the neutralised substrate, locking the salt
away permanently.



One litre of Kingfisher Anti – Sulphate Solution applied in 2 coats will cover a surface area of
approximately 2 square metres.



Kingfisher “Anti-Sulphate Solution” is supplied in durable 5 litre and 25 litre plastic containers.



Translucent liquid.



Store in original packaging in a cool, dry place out of reach of children, and protect from frost.


Shelf Life

The product has a shelf life of 12 months from the date of manufacture, subject to correct storage


Health & Safety

Kingfisher “Anti-Sulphate Solution” is classified as harmful and correct PPE should be worn during
application. You must read the Material Safety Data Sheet before use.

• During application wear a mask, protective gloves, coveralls and eye protection.
• R36/38 Irritating to eyes and skin.
• R65 Harmful, may cause lung damage if swallowed.
• Avoid contact with skin and eyes.
• If contact occurs wash immediately with plenty of water.
• Keep out of reach of children.
• Ensure good ventilation during application and drying.
• Always dispose of empty packaging responsibly in accordance with relevant waste disposal
• DO NOT contaminate watercourses or ground with chemicals or used containers.

Before using this product read the Material Safety Data Sheet which can be obtained at or by calling the Kingfisher Technical Dept. Tel: 01229 869 100.

The information given in this product data sheet is given in good faith, based on current knowledge and experience. It relates only to the specific material designated and may not be valid for such material used in combination with any other materials or in any process. Such information is to the best of the company’s knowledge and belief, accurate as of the date indicated. All recommendations are made without warranty or guarantee, as to accuracy, reliability or completeness since the conditions of use are beyond our control. It is the user’s responsibility to satisfy themselves as to the suitability and application of such information for their own use.

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