Aquatech Premium Tanking Slurry
Aquatech Premium Tanking Slurry
Aquatech Premium Tanking Slurry
Aquatech Premium Tanking Slurry
Aquatech Premium Tanking Slurry
Aquatech Premium Tanking Slurry

Aquatech Premium Tanking Slurry  

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Kingfisher “Aquatech” is the ultimate brush applied tanking system for basements, earth retaining walls, underground garages, water tanks and more. This damp Proof tanking slurry has been trusted by structural waterproofing professionals for over 20 years. Read More

Coverage:8-10 m2 / bag
Colour Palette:

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Waterproof Tanking Slurry

  • Brush applied tanking solution for basements.
  • Ideal for basement renovation projects.
  • 10yr guarantee available.
  • Colour: Grey.
  • Rated 5*'s.

Kingfisher Aquatech Tanking Membrane is the ultimate brush applied tanking solution. It is ideal for basements, earth retaining walls, underground garages, water tanks and more. Trusted by structural waterproofing professionals for over 20 years, Aquatech Tanking Membrane is often used for basement renovation. It can be mixed with Kingfisher K-X11 to achieve a reliable deep seal penetration of the walls. With correct preparation and re-pointing, this waterproof tanking slurry even allows effective treatment of irregular or decayed surfaces.

We supply high-quality damp-proof membranes so you can rest assured of an effective and reliable waterproof coating. Experiencing penetrating damp in your basement? Apply this membrane to the walls. There is nothing more effective at preventing the passage of water. Simply apply to the internal walls of your basement, underground garages, water tanks and more.

Damp Proof Tanking Slurry

Rooms that have damp, especially if they are below ground level, often require a damp proof tanking slurry. Penetrating damp not only causes decorative issues but also leads to temperatures dropping in your home. Using this waterproof tanking slurry will help to combat damp problems while preventing water from penetrating your property.

Keeping cellars and basements dry couldn’t be easier using our reliable and effective damp proof tanking slurry. Using a brush, you can directly apply it to damp substrates, effectively blocking water ingress. Once dry, it becomes vapour permeable and watertight, making it ideal for waterproofing masonry and blockwork. So, if you are looking to combat water leakage, ingress or seepage, apply this render coat for outstanding results.

Coverage is 8 to 10 sq m per bag based on a 2-coat application. Please consult the Aquatech data sheet for full details or call us for FREE technical advice on underground waterproofing and "tanking". 10 year guarantee available when applied by "Kingfisher Approved" installer.

Garage dry!

For the first time my garage is actually dry, even after heavy rain! Wish i hadn't wasted so much time with bitumen coatings and damp proof paints over the years, this took longer but worked first time. Good advice and after sales support which i needed as hadn't done tanking before.


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Tanking works!

Our basement has always been damp an was getting steadily wetter so decided to dry it out and tank it properly having tried various other measures unsuccessfully. Technical advice from Kingfisher was to use their Aquatech product which actually comprises several parts so a bit more to this than just painting stuff on the wall. Having said that there is plenty info and our builder seemed to manage ok - and basement finally dry!


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