Thermapaint Anti-Mould Paint

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Thermapaint Anti-Mould Paint

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Thermapaint Anti-Mould Paint

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Thermapaint Anti-Mould Paint

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Thermapaint Anti-Mould Paint

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Thermapaint Anti-Mould Paint

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Thermapaint Anti-Mould Paint
Thermapaint Anti-Mould Paint
Thermapaint Anti-Mould Paint
Thermapaint Anti-Mould Paint
Thermapaint Anti-Mould Paint
Thermapaint Anti-Mould Paint
Thermapaint Anti-Mould Paint
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Please Note: Computer screens and printers do not render colour consistently. Our “Lakes and Fells Collection” colours are made to order (Excepting White & Magnolia) so ordering a tester pot is highly recommended to check your colour preference accurately, before making your final choice.

Thermapaint Anti-Mould Paint  

Lakes & Fells Collection
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Choosing an effective anti-mould paint has always meant sacrificing colour choice in favour of technical performance. But with Kingfisher’s hand-made batch sizes, allied to our unique “Thermapaint” formula and stunning “Lakes & Fells” pigments, you get proven mould control without compromising on colour or finish. Read More

Product Code:5TAMW
Coverage:4-6 m2 / litre
Application:Brush or Roller
Choose from 72 colours:

The colours shown here are dependent upon screen settings or monitor calibration, they are a guide only. The actual colour may vary.

Sizes & Tester:Size:
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Anti-Mould Paint Thermapaint

"The performance you need in colours you’ll love"

Why Compromise? A mould resistant paint, indistinguishable from premium decorative brands.

•    Class leading, dual action formula
•    Improves air quality, reduces condensation & saves energy
•    Forms an active-film fungicide to deter further infestation
•    Stunning “Lakes & Fells” colour palette
•    Arrests mould growth in bedrooms, bathrooms, utility areas, kitchens and more
•    Apply by brush or roller

Simply painting over black mould locks you into a frustrating cycle of “clean, re-decorate, repeat” wherein the “repeat” can be every few weeks, which is of course unsustainable.   You can break that cycle with Thermapaint and its pre-treatment companion Mould Cure.

Black mould needs both moisture and a nutrition source to grow. The thermal ceramic beads in Thermapaint reduce condensation, robbing it of essential moisture and the active film fungicide neutralises the paint as a food source, so it can’t support the growth or expansion of the black mould.

Compare this to the conventional “clean and re-decorate” approach, where the cleaning often makes matters worse by spreading invisible mould spores around, followed up by a nutritious coat of emulsion which contains more moisture and nutrients like chalk and clay upon which the mould quickly thrives!!

Thermapaint Anti-Mould is the only paint to combine condensation controlling microsphere technology and anti-mould chemistry to stop re-infection. Unlike some anti-fungal paints, it is low odour and fully wipe-able when cured.

Black spot mould growth not only leaves ugly black staining on internal paint finishes, the airborne fungal spores have been proven to aggravate respiratory complaints related to poor air quality, including asthma. Thermapaint Anti-Mould is a significant advance over existing anti-fungal paints because it is the only dual action product to combine both condensation and fungicidal control measures in one application.

Thermapaint Anti-Mould is widely used by private landlords and social housing providers to treat persistent problem areas. It can be applied by roller or brush like any normal emulsion.

Pre-treatment: It is essential to pre-treat infected areas with Kingfisher Mould Cure fungicidal wash.

Finally, it is worth remembering that a majority of mould related problems in our homes derive from a lack of adequate ventilation.  Any remedial treatment you choose should always be accompanied by an effort to improve healthy airflow.  Open a window slightly when cooking, drying clothes or bathing.  Make sure trickle vents on double glazed windows and doors are always open, brick vents are kept clear and that air gaps are left between furniture and cold outside walls.

Please Note: Computer screens and printers do not render colour consistently. Our “Lakes and Fells Collection” colours are made to order (Excepting White & Magnolia) so ordering a tester pot is highly recommended to check your colour preference accurately, before making your final choice. Click here for our terms and conditions.


Thermapaint Anti‐Mould is a thermally modified acrylic copolymer emulsion paint for interior walls and ceilings.  It tackles the twin problems of condensation and black spot mould but without compromising on decorative flair.    Available in a beautiful range of contemporary colours (Lakes & Fells Collection), Thermapaint Anti‐Mould rolls on and brushes out like a premium emulsion to produce an outstanding finish every time.    It attacks the problem of mould and condensation in TWO ways by combining micro‐ bead vacuum technology to reduce condensation with a powerful active film fungicide to arrest further mould growth. Thermapaint Anti‐Mould contains millions of glass “micro‐beads” which have heat reflecting qualities to reduce condensate moisture formation. This is especially significant when treating mould because mould commonly derives the moisture it needs to grow from condensation.

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Kingfisher Mould Cure

(Refer to these individual product data sheets for detailed application guidance – published on our website



Thermapaint Anti‐Mould is used to control condensation on walls or ceilings and to supress black spot mould growth.  Black spot mould is both unsightly and potentially injurious to human health, as the spores aggravate and, in some cases, trigger respiratory problems such as asthma. It typically occurs in damp, warm environments e.g. bathrooms and kitchens but can occur in any room where there is warm moist air and cold outside walls (typically).  Ideal for properties with little or no wall insulation:

• Isolates persistent “cold spots”

• Reduces the impact of interstitial condensation in homes

• Reduces condensation by up to 96%

• Forms an active‐film fungicide to deter further mould infestation

• To improve air quality in rented accommodation and social housing

If in doubt, please call our technical services department on 01229 869 100 for guidance.  



• Thermapaint Anti‐Mould is not a substitute for adequate ventilation and should not be used in areas where excessive or uncontrolled condensation is allowed to accumulate for long periods.    

• Thermapaint Anti‐Mould is for internal use only.

• Not suitable for heated surfaces such as radiators.



Thermapaint Anti‐Mould raises the temperature of the wall surface in the room by between 0.5 and 1.2 degrees which is usually sufficient to reduce the incidence of localised condensation by up to 96%.

• You only need one paint to control mould and provide a beautiful decorative finish

• High opacity

• No more recurring mould and having to re‐decorate every few months  

• Kills mould, improves air quality, reduces condensation & saves energy

• Forms an active‐film fungicide to deter further infestation

• Beautiful range of colours inspired by our factory's Lakeland location


Surface Preparation 

For best results, ensure that surfaces are clean, dry and free from surface laitance.

1.  Clean & Neutralise Mould

Walls and ceilings should which are infected with black spot mould should be pre‐treated with our Kingfisher Mould Cure to neutralise the mould:  

a) The “Mould Cure” bottle comes with a built–in measuring cup, remove the lid, hold upright and squeeze gently to measure out 25 ml four times (100ml) and add to 400ml of warm (Not hot or boiling) water.  

b) Wearing normal domestic rubber gloves (as you would when using bleach), sponge or wipe onto the affected area. Try to draw the sponge in a single sweep from the outer edge to the centre of the infected area and rinse in the dilute solution each time.  This reduces the risk of spreading the spores.  Leave for 3 to 4 hours or preferably overnight for full action to develop.    

c) With the same measured solution as above, gently wipe the whole area again to remove any remaining mould residues. Wipe inwards from at least a meter past the edge of the visible infestation to catch concentrations of invisible spores which tend to gather at the periphery of the affected area.   Leave the surface to dry (this should take approximately One hour) and ideally paint within 7 to 10 days of pre‐treatment.

Note:   Clean any non‐mould related contamination by wiping with a damp cloth and or sugar soap as required.  Allow to dry.

2.  Repair surface defects

Any surface defects should be filled before painting with a premium plaster filler e.g. Everbuild TM. All Purpose Filler.  Seal any areas that remain powdery with Kingfisher Floor & Wall Seal.

3.  Existing Paint

Thermapaint Anti‐Mould will cover most existing matt finish emulsions, but care should be exercised with some eggshell, silk and vinyl finish which are typically resistant to over‐painting. Such surfaces may be “keyed” with a power orbital sander or some may respond to priming with Kingfisher Floor and Wall Seal or Weatherflex Stabilising Solution Care should be taken when sanding any pre‐1960s wood or metal finishes as these may contain harmful lead.

4. Stain Obliteration

In more established infestations mould can permanently stain or blacken the substrate (plaster, timber or paint) and it may be advisable to facilitate subsequent decoration by disguising such staining through use of a proprietary obliterating primer or “Kingfisher Damp Guard”.   



Stir thoroughly before use.

Apply minimum 2 x coats of “Thermapaint Anti‐Mould” by brush or roller.  Additional coats may be required

to cover strong background colours.   

DO NOT apply at air or surface temperatures below + 10 °C or in high humidity.

Seal new or bare surfaces with a thinned coat of “Kingfisher Classic Emulsion” (1 part water to 5 parts paint).


Product Data for Thermapaint

Appearance Matt Finish
Coverage 4-6m2 / litre per coat
Initial Drying Time 1-2 hours at 200C
Re-coat 2-4 hours at 200C
VOC EU Limit (Cat: A/a): 30 g/I Max 10g /I VOC
Application Temperature +100C to +250C
Service Temperature +40C to +500C




Available in 2.5, 5 & 10 litre sizes and an extensive range of colours.

Note: Remember computer screens and printers do not interpret colour consistently so we recommend that you order a tester before making your final colour choice.  



Store in original packaging in a cool dry place, out of direct sunlight and protect from frost. 

Note:  Once frost damaged the product is unusable and cannot be recovered by warming up or any other means.


Shelf Life

The product has a shelf life of 12 months from the date of manufacture, subject to correct storage conditions.


Health & Safety

• When preparing and cleaning the surface wear a face mask (minimum FFP3).

• Wear disposable gloves and overalls during preparation and application.  

• Avoid contact with skin and eyes.  

• If contact occurs wash immediately with plenty of water.  

• Keep out of reach of children.  

• Ensure good ventilation during application and drying.  

• Always dispose of empty packaging responsibly.  

The product is non‐hazardous in normal use.


Before using this product read the Material Safety Data Sheet which can be obtained at or by calling the Kingfisher Technical Dept. Tel: 01229 869 100.

The information given in this product data sheet is given in good faith, based on current knowledge and experience. It relates only to the specific material designated and may not be valid for such material used in combination with any other materials or in any process. Such information is to the best of the company’s knowledge and belief, accurate as of the date indicated.  

All recommendations are made without warranty or guarantee, as to accuracy, reliability or completeness since the conditions of use are beyond our control. It is the user’s responsibility to satisfy themselves as to the suitability and application of such information for their own use.

Anti mould Paint

Good product but doesn't cover very well needs At least 3 Coats .


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I have bought this product before and it's brilliant. Over a year later no return of black mould in my lounge, despite local council doing work to rectify this persistent problem, I've found that a coat or two of this product keeps it at bay. Price is a tad more expensive than common paints from DIY stores but superior quality is pricey and I don't mind shelling out for peace of mind.


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