Anti-Mould Paint Additive

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Anti-Mould Paint Additive

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Anti-Mould Paint Additive

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Anti-Mould Paint Additive

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Anti-Mould Paint Additive
Anti-Mould Paint Additive
Anti-Mould Paint Additive
Anti-Mould Paint Additive

Anti-Mould Paint Additive  

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Make your own fungicidal Anti Mould Paint with our outstanding paint additive for emulsion. Simply add our super concentrated Anti Mould Paint Additive to any emulsion paint. One 120g bottle of this anti mould additive for paint treats up to 10L of paint.Read More

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Anti-Mould Paint Additive

Add Kingfisher Anti-Mould Paint Additive to almost any standard emulsion to make your own anti-fungal paint that matches the existing paint finish perfectly!  

  • Avoids the need to redecorate entire room
  • “Anti-Mould Paint Additive” is suitable for walls, ceilings, window frames etc.
  • Gets rid of black mould permanently
  • Breaks the “repeat re-decoration” cycle
  • Removes black mould from bedrooms, bathrooms and utility areas
  • Stops the spread of black mould in kitchen and food prep areas
  • One pot can make up to 10L of anti-mould paint – enough to cover an average room twice!


Simply cleaning black mould and re-painting the area with standard emulsion does not work. Firstly, unless you use a pre-treatment fungicidal cleaner like Kingfisher Mould Cure, you are simply spreading around invisible fungal spores with your cloth or sponge, instead of killing them.  Repainting with a standard emulsion then provides those spares with a nutrition source!

The answer?  Kill the spores with “Mould Cure” then create a mould resistant paint using “Anti-Mould Paint Additive”.  This forms an active film shield that is 100% hostile to black mould.

Getting rid of black mould not only eliminates the ugly black staining, it also reduces airborne fungal spores proven to aggravate respiratory complaints, including asthma.   Anti-mould paint additive is widely used by private landlords and social housing providers to stop the spread of black mould.

All mould prevention measures are enhanced by good ventilation which can stop black mould ever getting established in the first place. Ensure that window trickle vents are open, brick vents are uncovered and partially open bathroom windows when showering or bathing to reduce condensation.



“Kingfisher Anti Mould Paint Additive” is a broad spectrum, liquid fungicidal additive which can be stirred into most water based paints and surface coatings to impart highly effective mould inhibiting properties to the cured paint finish. Once cured the product leaves an “active film” fungicide which is hostile to mould spores and therefore permits re-decorating with confidence that mould will not re-grow.


Typical Uses

In general terms “Kingfisher Anti Mould Paint Additive” is used to protect painted walls and ceilings from the detrimental effects of black spot mould growth and other fungal/mould based organisms which contaminate painted finishes.

Most customers buy “Anti Mould Additive” to add to an emulsion paint of their own colour choice. It can also be added to our “Kingfisher Weatherflex range of masonry paints in areas where green mould growth is prevalent on building exterior.


Preparation & Application

1. Treat walls suffering from black spot mould
Black spot mould is both unsightly and potentially hazardous to human health as the spores aggravate and in some cases, trigger respiratory problems such as asthma. It typically occurs in damp, warm environments e.g. bathrooms and kitchens where it grows on porous surfaces like plaster, paint and timber.

“Kingfisher Anti Mould Paint Additive” can help to reduce or eliminate the incidence of black spot in conjunction with other measures such as improving ventilation. We suggest the following steps:

a) Identify moisture source (the underlying problem)
The most common source of moisture in our homes is condensation from washing and cooking. Heavily moisture laden warm air from showers etc. condenses to water droplets on cold surfaces such as windows and outside walls, providing the moisture source necessary for fungal growth. Improve ventilation by opening windows, installing an extractor fan or unblocking any air-brick vents which may be blocked by furniture etc. Alternatively, if the affected area is showing signs of salt contamination (white fur) you may have rising or penetrating dampness and you should seek advice from a structural waterproofing professional.

b) Neutralise Existing Mould/Fungal Growth
Prior to re-painting using “Kingfisher Anti Mould Paint Additive” you should pre-treat the mould infected area with Kingfisher “Mould Cure” to neutralise the existing spores and clean the surface.

c) Re-paint using “Kingfisher Anti Mould Paint Additive”
Add 60g to 5 litres or 120g to 10 litres of emulsion paint by stirring in (ideally with a mixing paddle on an electric drill) and apply by brush or roller to create a “mould hostile” decorative finish.

2. Treat external walls suffering from “Green Mould”
Green mould on brick, stone and rendered finish is a common problem especially in areas shaded by summer tree foliage. “Kingfisher Anti Mould Paint Additive” can be added to water based masonry paints to effectively control this problem. We suggest the following steps:

a) Clean the wall.
Spray existing green mould and moss with “Kingfisher Bio Wash”, leave for 7 days to activate and then scrub or pressure wash to create a clean surface.

b) Re-paint using “Kingfisher Anti Mould Paint Additive”.
Add 60 grams to 5 litres to 120 grams to 10 litres of Kingfisher “Weatherflex” paint or similar quality exterior coating by stirring in (ideally with a power paddle) and apply by brush or roller to create a tough “mould-hostile” decorative finish.

Features & Benefits.
• Stops mould re-growth on painted surfaces.
• Improves air quality in previously contaminated rooms.
• Works with almost all water based paints.
• Easy to use: just stir in thoroughly.
• Does not significantly alter the colour of the paint it is added to.
• Internal and external usage.



Keep away from food. Store in unopened containers in cool, dry conditions away from sources
of ignition and heat. Protect from frost.


Shelf Life

One year when stored as recommended.



“Kingfisher Anti Mould Paint Additive” is supplied in 120gram plastic containers.


Hazard Identification

This product is classified in accordance with EC Directive 67/548/EEC as Xn: Harmful and N:
Dangerous for the Aquatic Environment. Please read the product Safety Data Sheet for further information.

Avoid splashing and contact with the skin and eyes.

brilliant stuff

One of our bedrooms used to get terrible black mould on the walls. I bought some of this paint additive and used it when decorating the room and it solved our mould problem. That was 10 years ago! And no black mould stains since then on our white walls. Now back to buy some more for another problem area in the house. would definitely recommend this product.


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no other can compete

Wall in my bathroom was black with mould I used bleach to clean it and a light sand with a sanding pole I added the kingfisher additive to my white paint and o my god 2.6years later I still haven’t seen and black mould on that wall I’ve come over 2 years later here I am buying more of this stuff on a recent property my brother has moved into


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