Mould Cure (Black Mould Remover)

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Mould Cure (Black Mould Remover)

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Mould Cure (Black Mould Remover)

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Mould Cure (Black Mould Remover)

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Mould Cure (Black Mould Remover)

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Mould Cure (Black Mould Remover)
Mould Cure (Black Mould Remover)
Mould Cure (Black Mould Remover)
Mould Cure (Black Mould Remover)
Mould Cure (Black Mould Remover)
Mould Cure (Black Mould Remover)
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Mould Cure (Black Mould Remover)  

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Kingfisher Mould Cure has been carefully formulated to address the problem of black mould growth. Unlike bleach and other conventional cleaners, Mould Cure contains fungicides which target and neutralise mould spores more effectively. Read More

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Mould Cure (Black Mould Remover)


•    Treats mould on cold external walls, especially behind furniture
•    Treats mould on bedroom walls & ceilings, especially those adjacent to chimneys
•    In kitchens Mould Cure tackles black mould infestations resulting from high levels of moisture from cooking and washing up
•    For wiping down mould from hard finish furniture, especially melamine
•    Removes mould from bathroom paint finishes, tiles and grout
•    Around windows including the glass and window frames affected by black mould growth
•    Removes black mould from utility rooms, laundry areas where high levels of humidity are often present

This is an essential component in treating and re-decorating plasterwork or timber affected by black spot mould.  Walls and ceilings infected with black mould should always be pre-treated with Mould Cure prior to re-decoration with Kingfisher Anti-Mould Paint or Thermapaint Anti-Mould.

Mould Cure black mould remover is a concentrate which treats up to 5 times the area of spray applied products.

Good ventilation is essential to maintaining a healthy atmosphere indoors.  Fungal infestations of all varieties thrive in warm, moist conditions with poor airflow.   All remedial mould treatments should be carried out in conjunction with measures to improve ventilation.






Kingfisher Mould Cure is a broad spectrum, liquid fungicidal cleaner/surface sanitising agent, designed to kill common black mould on internal painted finishes and hard surfaces.

It is an essential pre-treatment for to kill existing mould infestations prior to the application of the Kingfisher range of mould control surface finishes including;

Kingfisher Anti-Mould Paint

Kingfisher Anti-Mould Additive (mixed into any emulsion of your own colour choice).

Kingfisher Thermapaint Anti Mould (combined condensation and mould control).

• Kingfisher Mould Cure kills the active black mould fungus by cleansing the surface of active fungus and spore concentrations.

• It can be used on its own but it should be noted the mould infestations may return if the infected area is not promptly painted with a suitable mould inhibiting paint finish.


Preparation & Application

Black spot mould is both unsightly and potentially injurious to people, as the spores aggravate and in some cases trigger respiratory problems such as asthma. It typically occurs in damp, warm environments e.g. bathrooms and kitchens but can occur in any room where there is warm moist air and cold outside walls (typically). Correct treatment of the problem involves a number of steps, of which Kingfisher Mould Cure is one.

1. Identify Moisture Source (the underlying problem)

The most common source of moisture in our homes is condensation (around 70% of instances) from washing, cooking, drying clothes and even breathing! Heavily moisture laden warm air from showers etc, condenses to water droplets on cold surfaces such as windows and inside face of external walls, providing the moisture source necessary for fungal growth. Improve ventilation or trickle vents, installing an extractor fan or unblocking any air bricks which may be blocked by furniture etc.

Alternatively, if the affected area is showing signs of salt contamination (white ”fur”) you may have rising or penetrating dampness and you should seek advice from a structural waterproofing professional.

2. Neutralise Mould with Kingfisher Mould Cure

a) The Mould Cure bottle comes with a built –in measuring cap, remove the lid, hold upright and squeeze gently to measure out 25 ml four times (100ml) and add 400ml of warm (Not hot or boiling) water. Wearing normal domestic rubber gloves (as you would when using bleach), sponge or wipe onto the affected area, agitating the worst concentration and leave for 3 to 4 hours or preferably overnight for full action to develop.

b) With the same measured solution as above, gently wipe the whole area again to remove any mould residue and wipe at least a meter past the edge of the visible infestation to catch concentrations of invisible spores which tend to gather at the periphery of the affected area.

3. Re-decorate with Mould Inhibiting Coating.

Leave the surface to dry (this should take approximately One hour) and ideally paint within 7 to 10 days of pre-treatment. Note: Kingfisher Mould Cure can be used in isolation but it should be appreciated that best results are achieved when it is used in conjunction with one of the Kingfisher mould control paints.

Please note also that long term or aggressive mould infestations will permanently stain paints, plasters and timbers, consequently Mould Cure will not always remove these visual traces, so re-painting with an anti-mould paint will often be desirable for decorative as well as preventative reasons.

Features & Benefits

• Kills mould infestations on a wide variety of painted hard surfaces.

• Improves air quality in previously contaminated rooms.

• Ideal pre-treatment for applying “Kingfisher Anti-Mould paints and additives.

• Easy to use – integral measuring cup.

• Suitable for interior and exterior use.



1 litre of diluted Kingfisher Mould Cure will cover approximately 4 square metres.



Keep product in unopened containers in a dry frost free conditions away from food, out of reach of children and animal feedstuffs.


Packaging/Shelf Life

Kingfisher Mould Cure is supplied in 1 litre Plastic Containers and has a shelf life of 12 months from date of manufacture when stored as recommended.


Health & Safety

The product is classified as an irritant in concentrate form. Wear rubber gloves or disposable latex gloves when working with Mould Cure even after dilution.

Avoid splashing when handling, carrying and processing. Should the product contact the skin or eyes rinse with clean water. If symptoms persist seek medical advice. 



Bought this product as I'm fed up with buying other supposed anti mould treatments, wasn't too impressive at 1st as there appears to be no chemical smell, but 2 days later the affected area was significantly mould reduced, a week later gone.


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Excellent product

Ideal for those troublesome areas where black mould keeps appearing. Kills it off and allows you to paint directly over. Great product


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Kingfisher Responded

Dear Annette Thank you for your kind words regarding our Black Mould Remover if you need help with anything please don't hesitate to contact us. Regards Kingfisher team

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