Mould Cure (Black Mould Remover)  

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Kingfisher Mould Cure has been carefully formulated to address the problem of black mould growth. Unlike bleach and other conventional cleaners, Mould Cure contains fungicides which target and neutralise mould spores more effectively. Read More

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Mould Cure (Black Mould Remover)


•    Treats mould on cold external walls, especially behind furniture
•    Treats mould on bedroom walls & ceilings, especially those adjacent to chimneys
•    In kitchens Mould Cure tackles black mould infestations resulting from high levels of moisture from cooking and washing up
•    For wiping down mould from hard finish furniture, especially melamine
•    Removes mould from bathroom paint finishes, tiles and grout
•    Around windows including the glass and window frames affected by black mould growth
•    Removes black mould from utility rooms, laundry areas where high levels of humidity are often present

This is an essential component in treating and re-decorating plasterwork or timber affected by black spot mould.  Walls and ceilings infected with black mould should always be pre-treated with Mould Cure prior to re-decoration with Kingfisher Anti-Mould Paint or Thermapaint Anti-Mould.

Mould Cure black mould remover is a concentrate which treats up to 5 times the area of spray applied products.

Good ventilation is essential to maintaining a healthy atmosphere indoors.  Fungal infestations of all varieties thrive in warm, moist conditions with poor airflow.   All remedial mould treatments should be carried out in conjunction with measures to improve ventilation.





Excellent product

Ideal for those troublesome areas where black mould keeps appearing. Kills it off and allows you to paint directly over. Great product


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Kingfisher Responded on 21st November

Dear Annette Thank you for your kind words regarding our “Black Mould Remover” if you need help with anything please don’t hesitate to contact us. Regards Kingfisher team


Shifted mould other products didn't and three months on, not a sign of it coning back


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