Anti-Mould Paint (Fungicidal Paint)

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Anti-Mould Paint (Fungicidal Paint)

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Anti-Mould Paint (Fungicidal Paint)

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Anti-Mould Paint (Fungicidal Paint)
Anti-Mould Paint (Fungicidal Paint)
Anti-Mould Paint (Fungicidal Paint)

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Anti-Mould Paint (Fungicidal Paint)  

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If your walls or ceiling are suffering from unsightly black spot mould growth, our matt finish Anti-Mould Paint is the answer. It goes on easily by brush or roller, just like a standard emulsion but creates an invisible fungicidal film that fungal infections simply cannot tolerate. Remove mould permanently and break the re-decoration cycle!Read More

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Coverage:8-10 m2 / litre
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Anti-Mould Paint (Fungicidal Paint)

If your walls or ceiling are suffering from unsightly black spot mould growth, our matt finish Anti-Mould Paint is the answer. It goes on easily by brush or roller, just like a standard emulsion but creates an invisible fungicidal film that fungal infections simply cannot tolerate. Remove mould permanently and break the re-decoration cycle!

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Anti-Mould Paint (Fungicidal Paint)

“Breaking the mould, every day!”

Repeatedly having to re-decorate the same patch of wall or ceiling infected with black fungal staining is the very definition of tedious.  No sooner have you cleaned and re-painted it and the mould comes back like an uninvited, unwanted house guest – only more persistent!   But you can send it packing permanently with matt finish Kingfisher Anti-Mould Paint and you don’t need any specialist skills to apply it.  

•    Stops black spot mould on walls & ceilings
•    Remove mould even when deeply embedded
•    Eliminates need for repeat decoration
•    Active film finish provides long-term protection against black mould
•    Easy application by brush or roller
•    Rich, creamy premium matt finish
•    Clean up with warm water
•    Water- based low VOC formula
•    Improved atmosphere for asthma sufferers

This is an anti-fungal paint that really works, Kingfisher Anti-Mould Paint is trusted by home owners, landlords and professional decorators alike.

Banishing black mould not only eradicates the unsightly black staining, it suppresses the release of airborne fungal spores which can inflame respiratory complaints, including asthma.   Anti-Mould Paint is used by landlords and housing associations to improve air quality in challenging environments.


How does it work?

One of the most common calls to our technical department is to ask, “How do I get rid of black mould on walls?” or “How do I treat a damp, mouldy ceiling?”  Fortunately, the answer is usually fairly simple and the mould paint is easy to apply.   

In over 90% of cases there is no “damp problem” as such, by which we mean the building does not have any structural defects which are facilitating moisture ingress either from the ground (rising damp) or from rainfall (penetrating damp).   Far more commonly the enemy is simple condensation.   And the black spot fungus positively thrives in the humid conditions that accompany condensation.

Condensation occurs whenever warm, moisture laden air “condenses” (turns from vapour back to liquid) on a cold surface.  This is most commonly noticed in bathrooms where shower steam often builds up in droplets on the window panes, mirrors and ceramics.  However, there are many indoor surfaces where moisture condenses on cold surfaces, less visibly e.g., on external walls or on metal surfaces including domestic appliances.  

Open a window or install an extractor fan as a more permanent solution but by whatever means possible, improve the air movement and air quality within the room in the first instance.   Make sure double glazed window systems have their trickle vents open, and that brick vents are not covered up or otherwise obscured by furniture etc.

Of course, sometimes a build-up of at least some condensation is unavoidable (kitchens, bathrooms, laundry rooms) in which case you need an effective anti-mould paint because there is a second thing in addition to moisture, that our uninvited black fungus needs to survive and that is a food source.   It’s a primitive beast so nourishment can be dust accumulated on the wall behind a wardrobe or plaster or even paint…. In fact, emulsion paint is perfect, often containing tasty China clay, water and colour pigment!   

Kingfisher Anti-Mould Paint creates a mould-intolerant finish that renders the paint inedible to the fungus, so it cannot establish or maintain itself in that environment.


How to use Anti-Mould Paint (Fungicidal Paint)?


The infected area should be thoroughly sanitised to reduce the propensity for re-infection.  Pre-treat the area with a dilute solution in warm water of Kingfisher Mould Cure.  Mould Cure is a broad-spectrum mould treatment which is formulated to remove all traces of fungal spores.  Apply with a sponge working from the outside of the infected area inwards towards the centre to avoid inadvertently scattering the spores.  Dip the sponge back into the solution and ring out after each pass.  Important!  Wipe inwards from at least 400mm beyond the evident infected area.

Filling & Repairs

Fill any imperfections with standard decorator’s filler and sand smooth in accordance with normal decorating procedures.


Apply 2 x coats by brush or roller, making sure to apply evenly and consistently over the entire surface.  Avoid over-loading the brush or roller.  You should apply two coats and the first coat will normally be touch dry in 2 hours at 20 deg C.  Allow at least 4 hours before re-coat to avoid pick-up of the first coat.


Kingfisher ANTI-MOULD PAINT is a high quality acrylic based emulsion paint which when
applied, provides a rich satin finish. The paint is specially formulated and contains an active
film fungicide which will prevent any future growth of moulds or algae.
The fungicide is highly active against black spot mould growth (Asperillus Niger) usually
associated with condensation and high humidity environments. The coating is effective for
both internal and external surface applications and the fungicide will not leach out, even when



Scrape off any loose paint and brush down to remove dust and flake. Apply a solution of
Kingfisher Mould Cure with a sponge or brush and allow to dry. This will kill off any presence
of mould.

Kingfisher ANTI-MOULD PAINT is simply applied with brush or roller.


Areas For Use

Kingfisher ANTI-MOULD PAINT can be used in any situation where mould or algae growth
has been a problem. The surface is fully washable so dirt and grime can be easily and simply
wiped away.



The product is supplied in Magnolia and White in 5 and 10 litre plastic containers.



Store in sealed condition away from frost.


Health & Safety

• Avoid contact with skin and eyes.
• If contact occurs wash immediately with plenty of water.
• Keep out of reach of children.
• Ensure good ventilation during application and drying.

Mould no more!

Kept getting mould growing on the bathroom ceiling, must ahve painted it 3 times before trying Kingfisher. This time the black spots have not come back!


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Mould problem solved!

We have mould growing around the window reveals in our bedroom for some time and all attempts to arrest its progress have failed -until I tried the Kingfisher paint. 100% success so far (3 months)


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