Weatherflex Stabilising Solution

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Weatherflex Stabilising Solution

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Weatherflex Stabilising Solution
Weatherflex Stabilising Solution

Weatherflex Stabilising Solution  

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Our wall stabilising solution stabilises friable mortar, hardens surfaces which have "gone soft" due to weathering and allows you to paint straight after re-rendering or pointing in preparation for the application of "Weatherflex". Improves adhesion and depth of colour finish.Read More

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Coverage:4-5 m2 / litre
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Wall Stabilising Solution

  • Improves paint adhesion
  • Eco-friendly (solvent-free)
  • Binds & primes chalking surfaces
  • Stabilises flaky residues
  • Solvent-free, non-hazardous formulation
  • Produces a colourless, sealed, non-dusting finish

Weatherflex Stabilising Solution is the ideal companion product to our Weatherflex masonry paint. It allows you to effectively stabilise or harden "less than perfect" walls or substrates in preparation for the application of Weatherflex. It also improves adhesion, depth of colour finish and often reduces the amount of paint applied.

Breathable Stabiliser for Brick

Experiencing powdery or dusty walls? This wall stabilising solution ensures your exterior masonry surfaces are stable for paint to adhere. It is also perfect for reducing the absorbency of porous exterior surfaces. This product dries quickly and can cover a large surface, offering outstanding value for money.

Supplied ready to use for application by brush, roller or low-pressure sprayer. One coat of this wall stabilising solution is normally sufficient but very porous surfaces may require an additional application. Drying time depends on ambient temperature but generally 4 to 8 hours. Do not apply if air or surface temperature is below 8 ℃.


Kingfisher “Weatherflex Stabilising Solution” is a solvent-free, fine particle, pure acrylic ester copolymer primer, sealer and stabiliser for masonry.



1. Stabilises and hardens “friable” masonry or masonry surfaces which may have “gone soft” due to extreme weathering.
2. Binds and primes chalking surfaces liable to persistent “dusting”.
3. Primes newly cement rendered surfaces so that they can be painted without delay.
4. Stabilises flaky residues from previous coatings (except bitumen).
5. Improves paint adhesion and depth of colour on porous surfaces including brick, stone and concrete.
6. Improves adhesion to less porous surfaces including engineering brick and granite stonework.



• Easy to use – straight from the can.
• Solvent free, non-hazardous formulation.
• Allows painting of new render finishes and re-pointing repairs without alkaline contamination of the paint, which would otherwise delay painting by up to 2 months.
• Produces a colourless, sealed, non dusting finish.
• Tools can be cleaned with soap and water after use (no solvents required).



All substrates should be clean and free from laitance, dust, dirt and organic growth. Note: Where moss and mould are present these should be treated with Kingfisher “Bio wash - moss & mould”. The product may be applied to damp surfaces, but this will retard drying times and limit penetration, adhesion and durability. Supplied ready to use, the product can be applied by brush, roller or spray with a coverage rate of between 4 - 6 m² per litre depending on the porosity of the surface.

One coat should normally be sufficient but very porous surfaces may require additional coats. Drying time will vary depending on the ambient temperature, but normally 4 – 8 hours should be allowed for each coat to fully dry. For the best results allow surfaces to cure for a minimum of 24 hours before applying the Weatherflex Smooth Masonry Paint. DO NOT apply when air or surface temperatures are below 8 °C.


Packaging / Storage / Shelf Life

Kingfisher “Weatherflex Stabilising Solution” is available in 5 litre plastic containers. It should be stored in a cool, dry area, AVOID frost and direct sunlight. Shelf life of the product in, unopened sealed containers is 12 months.


Clean Up

Tools and equipment should be cleaned with warm soap and water immediately after use. Pump sprayers especially should be thoroughly flushed through with warm soapy water and then flushed with clean water until free of all residues. DO NOT allow to dry before cleaning.


Health & Safety

• Wear gloves and overalls during application.
• If applying by spray wear face mask.
• Avoid contact with skin and eyes.
• If contact occurs wash immediately with plenty of water.
• Keep out of reach of children.
• Ensure good ventilation during application and drying.

For further Health and Safety information on this product please refer to the Kingfisher Safety Data Sheet, copies of which are available from the Kingfisher Technical Dept. Tel. 01229 869100 or Fax 01229 868101.

Great stuff - DIY er

I had to peal all the previous masonary paint off, it had not bonded to the rendering and came off in sheets. I used this product first to stablise the suface, then used Weatherflex paint. The surface became rock hard for repainting and a year later no peeling or movement of the paint. I even tried to scrape the new paint off, but couldn't!


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Great product really helped the top coat of weather flex paint to adhere to an old painted surface


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