80 Metre Kit (Dri-Wall DPC Injection Kit -  Professional)

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80 Metre Kit (Dri-Wall DPC Injection Kit -  Professional)

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80 Metre Kit (Dri-Wall DPC Injection Kit -  Professional)

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80 Metre Kit (Dri-Wall DPC Injection Kit -  Professional)
80 Metre Kit (Dri-Wall DPC Injection Kit -  Professional)
80 Metre Kit (Dri-Wall DPC Injection Kit -  Professional)
80 Metre Kit (Dri-Wall DPC Injection Kit -  Professional)

80 metre Kit (Dri-Wall DPC Injection Kit - Professional)  

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Where traditional pressure injection fluid cannot be used, Dri-Wall DPC Injection Kit is the answer. An advanced, ready-to-use, chemical damp proofing formula which forms an effective moisture barrier within the wall.Read More

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DPC Injection Kit

  • Developed specifically for the control of rising damp
  • Everything you need to install an effective DPC
  • Quick & easy to install
  • Over 40% active ingredient
  • No powered injection pump required

Where traditional pressure injection fluid cannot be used, Dri-Wall is the answer. An advanced, ready-to-use, chemical damp proofing formula which forms an effective moisture barrier within the wall.

The Kingfisher Dri-Wall Injection Kit comprises everything you need to install an effective chemical damp proof course and eliminate the root cause of rising damp.

Chemical DPC Injection Kit Contains

  • 8 x 1 Litre Dri-Wall Tubes
  • 1 x Power Pro Sealant Gun
  • 1 x Dri-Wall Nozzle
  • 1 x 10mm x 260mm HSS drill bit
  • 1 x 10mm x 160mm HSS drill bit
  • 3 x Pairs of latex gloves

Dri-wall DPC cream:

•    Is the superior solution for rising damp
•    Quickly creates a robust chemical damp proof course
•    Treats both solid & cavity walls
•    Is easy to use
•    Protects plaster & decorative finishes

So what exactly is rising damp?  Rising damp occurs when building materials like bricks and mortar start to absorb water from the ground, just like a sponge or paper towel soaking up a spill.  The difference is that the capillaries (micro channels) in masonry are less absorbent and the material denser than our sponge example, so the absorption process takes much longer, typically many years.  

To complicate matters, as capillary action draws moisture up through the wall it picks up “salts” which are naturally present in ground water and in masonry.   Most of us are familiar with the corrosive effect of salt on metal (rust) but it can be just as damaging to plaster and decorative finishes.  This manifests itself as an unsightly white residue on the plaster, flaking or blistering paint. Black Mould is often present as well.

Ideally walls should be protected by a “Damp Proof Course” (DPC) – a waterproof barrier sandwiched in the mortar between brick courses, right round the building, usually 100 to 500mm above ground level.   Modern DPC material is impervious polyethylene and will potentially last many decades, but older properties had to make do with slate, lead or possibly tar DPCs, all of which degrade more quickly, eventually allowing moisture to climb beyond the barrier.  Therefore, rising damp is prevalent in Georgian, Victorian and Edwardian era properties.

Nevertheless, with the right knowledge and products, it is fairly painless to remedy and in most instances need not be excessively costly.  

You will need to remove all the damp contaminated plaster (it will be contaminated, even if it looks dry) and drill a series of holes in the mortar joints at 120mm intervals, ideally at 150mm above ground level.   You can drill from inside or outside the building, whichever is more convenient, although sometimes it is easier to judge the levels from inside. With your holes drilled you now “load” them by injecting with Dri-wall DPC injection cream.   

The injection cream tackles your rising damp problem by migrating laterally through the mortar joints, which are softer and much easier to drill than most brickwork and stonework.  The cream can successfully treat rising damp in cavity walls, double brick (9 inch) walls and single brick (4.5 inch) walls.  Refer to the Technical data sheet for guidance.

Dri-Wall Injection Cream comes in 380ml (fits most skeleton guns for small jobs) or 1 litre cartridges for the professional applicator. The advanced, ready-to-use, chemical damp proofing formula migrates through the mortar beds and once cured forms an effective moisture barrier (DPC) within the wall.
Please note that the professional 1 litre cartridge can only be applied with the dedicated gun and nozzle whereas the 380ml fits most good quality skeleton guns and comes with a plastic nozzle suitable for single 4.5" course only. For 9" to 18" walls and cavity walls you will need the companion 380ml nozzle to ensure correct delivery of the product.
How much Dri-Wall will I need to inject my damp walls?

1 Litre tube will treat:

•    Up to 11m at a wall thickness of 4.5" (115mm)
•    Up to 5.5m at a wall thickness of 9" (230mm)


Once injection is completed it is essential to re-plaster ONLY with the correct DRY WALL RENOVATING PLASTER.  This holds for all brands of injection cream because depending on the wall thickness it will take anything from 5 to 12 months for the wall to dry out above your new DPC.  Standard plasters cannot cope with the moisture evaporation or the salt migration during this period and invariably fail spectacularly.  Use Kingfisher Drywall renovating plaster and Thermapaint for a durable decorative finish.

If you are unsure about any aspect of damp proofing walls and related issues, please call or e-mail our experts.  We have been a leading remedial DPC manufacturer for over 30 years, so use our FREE advice to save you time and money.

80 meter kit

very good service I would definitely use this product again, much easier to use than the traditional method. website was easy to use and delivery was prompt with no problems.


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I would definitely use Kingfisher again the service was 1st class, website was easy to use, delivery was prompt and the product (DPC cream) was excellent and good value for money.


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