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Damp Proof Paint (Damp Guard)

Coverage: 4 sq m / litre

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‣ Damp proof paint, protects against water ingress
‣ Can be applied to concrete, brick, renders & more
‣ Ideal vapour barrier
‣ Water based & solvent free
‣ Quick drying
‣ Available in a range of colours

This amazing damp proof paint is a little known trade secret which can be applied to concrete, brick, renders & more to protect against water ingress by forming a damp guard liquid membrane. This damp proof paint is also ideal as a vapour barrier under plaster or render, for balcony repairs or as a concrete surface coating.

Neutral formulation means this product can be used to damp proof fish ponds and portable water storage. Damp Guard Liquid Membrane can also be used in storage cellars where it is highly effective at keeping out seeping water. Dries to a bright fresh decorative finish which can be over painted if required.

‣ Liquid applied radon gas barrier membrane
‣ Wet room damp proof paint
‣ Liquid tanking membrane - ready to use: cellars/ basements
‣ Pond painting & water tank lining
‣ Silage resistant paint

Damp proofing a Cellar

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