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Product Reviews

  • "Wonderful finish on my lead sheet bay winndows and conservatory. All stains etc fully covered"

    Lead Renovation PaintJ Evans12th September 2012 Lead Renovation PaintView Product
  • "I bought this product in the kit format, with moss killers and primer. I treated and coated an asbestos roof in my garden shed that i share with my neighbor.At the end both of us were very pleased with the results, the roof is now safer as the coating provide good encapsulation and it looks nice too. The job was carried about 1 year ago and the coating looks still as a new."

    Asbestos Roof CoatingMorris21st November 2012 Asbestos Roof CoatingView Product
  • "We got 3 testers and chose the dark terracotta and the finished roof looks excellent. Kingfisher recommended spraying but we used brushes and still got a really good finish, although it is a big job. "

     Roof Paint - Coating &  Sealant (Kolourseal)Andy Finlay14th November 2012 Roof Paint - Coating & Sealant (Kolourseal)View Product
  • "Excellent product which is simple to mix and use. I also bought the Quickpoint gun, pointing Solution and Mortar rake kit - so I had everything required to make a professional job at a fraction of the cost."

    Coloured Pointing MortarDavid Miller08th January 2013 Coloured Pointing MortarView Product
  • "I hadn't used Weatherflex before so wasn't sure what to expect but it was very easy to work with and rollered on well to our dashed walls. The finished house in Lakeland Blue is very striking and a huge improvement!"

    Smooth Masonry Paint (Weatherflex)Daniel Burt14th November 2012 Smooth Masonry Paint (Weatherflex)View Product
  • "Really pleased with the results; so was my neighbour because he ordered some too!"

    Block &  Paving Sealer (K-Seal) Dave Cole27th November 2012 Block & Paving Sealer (K-Seal) View Product
  • "Bought this in Earth Brown for my parents house. Good quality paint and they are delighted with the result. Would happily recommend to friends and family."

     Roof Paint - Coating &  Sealant (Kolourseal)Mr B McLean13th December 2012 Roof Paint - Coating & Sealant (Kolourseal)View Product
  • "absolutely superb product, restored my 16 year old block paving to look like new, I`ve personally reccomended it to friends, colleagues and passers by"

    Restore-A-Drive Coloured Block SealerJohn Lockett11th January 2013 Restore-A-Drive Coloured Block SealerView Product
  • "Definately Kwik by name and Kwik by nature! We used this tool and did a days work every 2 hours! Brilliant."

    Quikpoint Pointing GunD Miller08th January 2013 Quikpoint Pointing GunView Product
  • "Really happy with colour "

    Anti-Mould Paint (Thermapaint)Melissa27th January 2013 Anti-Mould Paint (Thermapaint)View Product

Stone & Brick Sealers

Exterior Water Seal Interior Stone Protection Wet Weather Apply Stone & Brick Cleaning

Combat heat loss due to water, grime and dirt penetration with our range of quality stone & brick sealers.

Kingfisher Building Products offer a range of stone and brick sealant products that use the latest in fluorocarbon water repellent technology to protect Masonry Stone. We can even guarantee some of our masonry stone protection products for up to ten years!

Our range of exterior water sealant, interior sealers, stone & brick cleaning and wet weather apply products are available to order online for delivery throughout the UK.

Extreme Climate - Next Generation  Water Seal

Extreme Climate

Next Generation - Advanced One Coat Water Seal

From £67.14

5 Stars based on 14 reviews
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Superseal - Professional Water Seal


Two coat polyoxo aluminium stearate based water seal.

From £29.28

0 Stars based on 0 reviews
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Stormseal - Wet Apply Waterseal


The emergency water seal you CAN apply in wet weather.

From £23.94

5 Stars based on 4 reviews
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Siloxane Water Repellent

Siloxane Water Seal

Excellent protection for most facing bricks and stonework


0 Stars based on 0 reviews
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Interior Brick and Dust Sealer (Matt Finish)

Brick and Dust Sealer

Stops troublesome "dusting" associated with feature walls


5 Stars based on 9 reviews
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Interior Stone Sealer (Invisible)

Interior Stone Sealer

Invisible stain barrier for decorative stone used internally.

From £17.94

4 Stars based on 1 reviews
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Biocidal-Wash (Moss &  Mould Inhibitor)


Removes moulds, algae, moss and lichens from external walls.


5 Stars based on 2 reviews
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Bio 3 Concrete &  Stone Cleaner

Bio 3 Cleaner

Dissolves dirt deeply encrusted in old coatings.

From £18.00

0 Stars based on 0 reviews
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Eco-Brick Cleaner (Brick Acid replacement)

Eco-Brick Cleaner

Highly Efficient water based brick & Stone cleaner

From £24.98

0 Stars based on 0 reviews
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SR20 Superseal Remover

Superseal Remover

A solvent based cleaning fluid designed to remove overspray


0 Stars based on 0 reviews
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Solvent resistant sprayer

Solvent Sprayer

A professional, light weight, solvent resistant sprayer

From £23.99

5 Stars based on 1 reviews
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