Eco-Brick Cleaner (Brick Acid replacement)

Eco-Brick Cleaner (Brick Acid Replacement)
Eco-Brick Cleaner (Brick Acid Replacement)
Eco-Brick Cleaner (Brick Acid Replacement)
Eco-Brick Cleaner (Brick Acid Replacement)
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Non-Hazardous Water exterior brick cleaner which removes Cement and Efflorescence Salts. A water-based brick and masonry cleaner which actually outperforms many traditional acid-based cleaners. Read More


Exterior Brick Cleaner

  • Water based brick cleaner
  • Bio-degradable
  • Apply with a brush or low pressure spray
  • Effective at cleaning exterior brick walls
  • Removes:
  • Salt bleedings, efflorescence, lime scale, ingrained dirt, mortar & cement residue
  • Oil, grease, and rust from concrete surfaces & many metals
  • Cement from bricklaying tools, cement mixers etc...

A water-based exterior brick cleaner which actually outperforms many traditional acid-based cleaners. We treated both ends of this old cement stained brick. As you can see above, it has been highly effective at removing the staining even down to the substrate pores.

Brick and Masonry Cleaner

Our exterior brick cleaner is outstanding at removing salt bleedings, efflorescence, limescale, ingrained dirt, mortar and cement residue. It also has the ability to remove rust, efflorescence salts, cement oil, grease, and rust from many surfaces and metals. This product is more commonly used on brickwork, concrete, paving, and tiles.

Containing specialist additives to help aid performance and penetration, our water-based brick cleaner is ideal for removing stubborn stains. Although our brick and masonry cleaner is strong and effective, it won’t damage the surfaces that it is applied to.

The Kingfisher Eco-Brick Cleaner (Brick Acid Replacement) will never fail to impress. It makes cleaning exterior brick walls easy, so you can rest assured of outstanding results without the hard work. For more information on how our brick and masonry cleaner can help you, don’t hesitate to contact us today!

Used on quarry tile floor

I used this as part of the restoration of a (thick) black and red quarry tile floor. This was relaid from 19th Cent "earth and ashes" onto concrete/bitumen about 30 years ago, but was recently damaged by flooding from a defective freezer which had a "meltdown". I gave the floor an initial clean with soda crystals (alkaline), a domestic floor cleaner (fairly neutral) and then this product before removing the old grout. After regrouting and before sealing I gave it another blitz with this stuff and another round of the domestic cleaner. Came up a charm, and this stuff goes a surprisingly long way.


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Kingfisher Responded on 16th October

We are glad you found Eco-brick cleaner to be such an excellent product and nice when we have a good honest review thanks. Kingfisher team

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