12 Feb 2020

How to use Bare Bricks at Home

How to use Bare Bricks at Home

Exposed brick walls are as popular as ever, adding beautiful features to homes old and new! Here’s some ideas for how to use yours at home. Exposing a wall or area of brickwork creates a totally different feel; adding warmth, colour and texture.

Plan & Prepare

Before you tackle your plaster, check out the quality and colour of your bricks. Are they the right colour? Do you want to expose every wall or just a couple of zones?

Make sure you check with your local building regulations department before you get started, they will be able to tell you if there are any restrictions when it comes to exposing your wall of choice.  It’s possible that there may be insulation requirements to fulfil, especially if the wall in question is external-facing.

Use as a splashback

An exposed brick wall splashback is a clever way to add a rustic feel to your kitchen.  Once exposed, the brickwork will need to be sealed for protection.  It’s worth noting this option isn’t as easy to wipe down as a traditional tiled splashback.

Expose a chimney breast

A popular choice is to bare a brick chimney chest, it makes a beautiful feature in a period home, drawing attention to the heritage of the property without overwhelming the room.  It’s an ideal choice if you only want a flash of exposed brick.

Maintain your brickwork

It’s important to maintain your exposed brickwork, we’ve taken a look at some basics when it comes to cleaning, preserving and living with exposed brick. We look at how to clean an exposed brick wall with non-hazardous brick cleaner and preserve it with our 5* matt brick sealant.