Masonry Biocide - (Woodzone)
Masonry Biocide - (Woodzone)
Masonry Biocide - (Woodzone)
Masonry Biocide - (Woodzone)

Masonry Biocide - (Woodzone)

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Coverage:160g makes 25L, treats 125 sqm
Application:Low pressure spray
Total:27.54Inc. VAT22.95Ex. VAT

Woodzone Masonry Biocide (1 hour re-entry) is a 3rd generation micro-formula, using the very latest technology to provide the professional with targeted treatment of dry rot fungus in masonry, plaster and soil. It is often incorrectly believed that masonry surfaces contaminated by dry rot can be treated with the same fungicide used to treat timbers, an error which frequently leads to re-infection and expensive rework.

Woodzone Masonry Biocide is specifically formulated to penetrate and migrate into masonry to kill the dry rot fungus, ensuring that it cannot re-infect timbers or spread unseen throughout the structure. Woodzone Masonry Biocide is a solvent/VOC free super concentrate supplied in a handy 160 gm container which treats up to 125 sq m. Woodzone Masonry Biocide is applied to refusal on the surface by low pressure (non-atomised) spray and if required by irrigation holes drilled into the walls or floors. Virtually odourless. Cleared under Control of Pesticides Regulations 1986 for use as directed, HSE Approval No 9178.

Irrigation: 2.5 litre per sqm for 230mm (9") brickwork or 10L per cubic metre.

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