Insecticide and Fungicide - (Woodzone Dual Purpose)  

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This micro-emulsion timber treatment is both an insecticide and a fungicide. Ideal for treating affected timbers subject to both sources of attack. Read More

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This versatile, Micro-Emulsion based timber treatment is both an Insecticide and Fungicide. Ideal for treating affected timbers subject to both sources of attack.

Whether your property is showing signs of wood rotting fungi or wood destroying insects, this treatment can help. Even if you are simply looking to protect or enhance your timber, the Woodzone insecticide and fungicide is perfect.

Infestations of rot and insects can occur in all types of timbers, even the types that are used for constructing houses. It is also encouraged by damp, which promotes fungal growth and bacterial decay. This can lead to serious damage to timber, reducing the structural integrity. That is why it is vital to use this professional Insecticide and Fungicide to ensure durability and longevity of your timber.

Occupant re-entry permitted after only 1 hour. Dilution: 400ml makes 25 litres diluted in clean water

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