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Extreme Climate ONE COAT is a breathable water seal for brick walls, sandstone, limestone, granite etc. This invisible water seal stops lateral penetrating damp using the latest Hydrophobic technology and is the highest performance (100% vapour permeable) water repellent available today. Read More

Coverage:3-5 m2 / litre
Application:Single Coat, Brush or Low Pres
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Next Generation Water Seal

  • Stop penetrating damp with our 100% breathable brick and stone sealer
  • Lasts up to 10 years
  • Reduce thermal loss by up to 30%
  • Reduces condensation and black mould
  • Rated 5 Star's

Extreme Climate ONE COAT Water Seal stops penetrating damp using the latest Hydrophobic technology. This helps to create simply the best performing (100% breathable) brick and stone sealer available today. We have a wealth of experience developing water seal paint and have an enviable reputation for quality.

Our brick water repellent has a lifespan of up to 10 years with no surface darkening. This product is second to none for stopping rainwater absorption, offering truly exceptional hydrophobic or bead up water repellency. Kingfisher approved contractors can offer a 10-year re-pointing guarantee, including Extreme Climate, Kingfisher Pointing Mortar and Pointing Solution.

This brick water repellent prevents damaging moisture ingress which causes masonry to spall in the freeze/thaw cycle. It inhibits moss growth by robbing it of water and nutrients drawn from the damp mortar. Using our water sealer to dry out a damp wall can also reduce thermal loss by up to 30%. This is because a wet wall is a cold wall and "bleeds" heat to the atmosphere at an accelerated rate.

Brick Water Repellent

Drying out with Extreme Climate has even more benefits. It reduces the problem of condensation and black mould which develop on the indoor side of exterior walls. Condensation occurs on the indoor side of exterior walls when rain saturation cools the wall temperature. This then results in warm moist indoor air condensing on the cold surface.

On a related issue, many have problems with efflorescence or salting. This is the unsightly, white staining we see on so many new build walls. If these issues occur, then our Extreme Climate Water Seal can help. It can limit the moisture absorption/evaporation cycle which leaves mineral salts deposited on the surface.

Please call us for detailed advice on treating efflorescence. Extreme Climate Water Seal also helps to keep buildings clean. It does this by forming an effective barrier against airborne dirt and other contaminants. This dirt would otherwise be dissolved by rainwater and leach into the substrate where they inevitably stain the surface.

Water Sealant for Brick Walls, Sandstone and Slate

Finally, you may have previously applied cheaper water seal paint which may have worked for a year or less. If that is the case, then this product is for you. Save hundreds or even thousands of pounds on remedial re-pointing, re-plastering and re-decoration. Simply by treating your external walls, facades and gables with Extreme Climate.

Extreme Climate Water Seal is the ultimate water sealant for your masonry in extreme weather. It can help by limiting the moisture absorption/evaporation cycle which leaves mineral salts deposited on the surface.

Our expertise supplying this water sealant for brick work ensures we supply only the highest quality. For more information regarding how our breathable brick sealer can help you, don’t hesitate to contact us.

17th c stone building

Easy to use and looks to be working well with wet weather so far


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Treating 1890 Victorian House

Busy treating solid brick walls that are just starting to spall and lose their smooth finish. Applied Sprayed Extreme climate with only 1 coat on a nice warm day - it poured with rain 2 days later and rainwater just beading/running off - brilliant product (scaffold boards now waterproof as well ha)


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