Ultimate Topcoat (Interior &  Exterior Sealer)

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Ultimate Topcoat (Interior &  Exterior Sealer)

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Ultimate Topcoat (Interior &  Exterior Sealer)

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Ultimate Topcoat (Interior &  Exterior Sealer)
Ultimate Topcoat (Interior &  Exterior Sealer)
Ultimate Topcoat (Interior &  Exterior Sealer)

Ultimate Topcoat (Interior & Exterior Sealer)  

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Ultimate versatility for interior AND exterior applications. Ultimate performance for sealing and concrete surface hardening. Ultimate Topcoat (Solvent Based Concrete Sealer) is our premier sealer for all types of concrete flooring, stamped (imprinted) concrete, block paving and natural paving. We simply make it with the best resins and use the highest proportion of those resins to achieve superior finish, durability and lifespan. Satin Sheen finish.Read More

Product Code:78U5
Coverage:5-7 m2 / litre
Application:brush/ roller
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Ultimate Topcoat – Ultimate Versatility, ultimate finish

Ultimate Topcoat is a solvent* acrylic liquid resin which produces a tough, resilient finish on a huge range of mineral based surfaces from paver blocks and setts to concrete floors.   It provides both professional and amateur users with an easy to apply, deeply penetrating and highly effective surface sealer which can withstand all manner of traffic, erosion and abrasion challenges.

• Pleasing satin sheen finish on block paving

• High grade concrete sealer and curing membrane

• Clear sealer. Non-yellowing

• Dual sealing and curing action

• For use on block paving, concrete, screeds, brickwork, masonry & driveways

• Apply by spray, roller or brush

• Rated 5*'s


How does it work?

When you describe any product as “ultimate” that is a bold statement which begs to be challenged…..How is it “ultimate”?  Is it really that good? & compared to what exactly?  

You can’t manufacture an “ultimate” product on a shoestring.  So we resolved to purchase only the best resins, which provide superior adhesion, penetration and durability compared to all alternatives we have tested (and we test a lot!).   We then dissolve the resin using only virgin solvents for a “gin clear” final product.  

This absolute clarity is critical as impurities can distort the colour of lighter paving.  Budget sealers sometimes use “recovered” solvents which have a yellow or amber taint.

But the principal measure by which Ultimate Topcoat may be considered “ultimate” in terms of the formula, lies in the ratio of resin.  Most solvent-borne paving & concrete resins are between 6% & 9.5% solids, Ultimate Topcoat is 16%!  Resin sealers work by forming a tough skin or finish on the surface to which they are applied, so the higher the solids, the better the finish.

Finally use Ultimate Topcoat for the ultimate in versatility performance:

• Block paving sealer and enhancer

• Black limestone varnish

• Setts & cobbles sealer

• Slate & Granite sealant

• Topcoat for Restore-A-Drive

• Hardens old  dusty concrete 

• Solidifies new “soft” concrete

• Pattern imprinted concrete sealant

• Stamped concrete sealer

• Dust sealer for garages, warehouses & retail 

• Concrete curing compound – prevents shrinkage cracks


“You get what you pay for”, runs the old cliché but it applies 100% to Ultimate Topcoat.  


*Sustainability note:

Ultimate Topcoat is a solvent-borne product and we recognise that this comes at a cost to the environment, in terms of its carbon footprint, no getting away from that.  However, there are some key points to remember:

1.  Ultimate Topcoat lasts at least twice as long as water-based equivalents, so you would need to add the carbon footprint of two sets of raw material, manufacturing energy, packaging and delivery inputs for accurate comparison with a “low VOC” alternative.

2.  Water based alternatives are also the product of highly energy intensive manufacturing processes, so their carbon footprint is “hidden” upstream.

3.  Ultimate Topcoat efficiently protects concrete which is one of the most carbon intensive manufactured products on earth.  5 litres of Ultimate topcoat, can extend the life of a tonne of concrete by 5 years or more.

4.   5 litres of petrol might transport you for 1 hour in an average car, 5 litres of Ultimate Topcoat provides at least 43,800 hours (5 years) of protection!  

5.  The tin that your Ultimate Topcoat comes in is infinitely recyclable.


How to use Ultimate Topcoat?

Ultimate Topcoat is delivered “ready to use” straight from the can and the preparation required depends on what you are using it for.

For most existing paving applications, the surface should be thoroughly cleansed either by pressure washing or deck scrubbing with detergent and soft hose.  You should then sanitise the area with Bio-Wash moss killer to prevent re-growth of algae, lichens and mosses.  In the case of new paving installations, ensure the surface is swept clean of all dust and contaminants.

For concrete floors, the surface should be cleansed of all surface contaminants, including flaking paint, residues, oil stains etc.

Apply two coats of Ultimate Topcoat approximately four hours apart (at 20 deg C) to dry surfaces only.  Roller apply in broad even strokes or use a pressure sprayer with a large droplet profile nozzle.


How much will I need?

It depends on the size of the repair or project.  A 20Kg “bundle” (4 x 5L) will cover 100 sq m on one coat or 50 sq m for the recommended two coats.



a) Do not apply to damp surfaces or if rain is expected within 24 hours.

b) Do not apply in later afternoon, approaching the dew point as high humidity will cause the product to bloom.

b) Where salt contamination is detected, pre-treat with Kingfisher Anti-Sulphate Solution.


Technical Support

As always we recommend that you read the Technical Data Sheet & Safety Data Sheet thoroughly before commencing any work.  If in doubt please call us for advice, we are here to help.


Ultimate Topcoat

Excellent sealer that's simple to apply, hardest part is finding a day without rain for 8 hours! Applied with low pressure sprayer and completed job in no time. Does have a solvent odour for a couple of hours but not overbearing. Used on a tegula driveway and impressed with the result.


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Quality Sealant

I have used Ultimate Topcoat every year since we had an imprinted concrete drive laid over 10 years ago. Results have been consistently good and ordering/delivery well co ordinated. Not easy to source so v happy all round.


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