Timberline Wood Preserver
Timberline Wood Preserver
Timberline Wood Preserver
Timberline Wood Preserver
Timberline Wood Preserver
Timberline Wood Preserver
Timberline Wood Preserver
Timberline Wood Preserver
Timberline Wood Preserver
Timberline Wood Preserver
Timberline Wood Preserver
Timberline Wood Preserver
Timberline Wood Preserver

Timberline Wood Preserver  

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Enhance and protect new or old timber with Timberline Wood Preserver. Timberline Wood Preserver imparts concentrated colour to enhance, protect and restore all types of wood, internally and externally. The aqueous solution is non-toxic, low odour and safe to apply in virtually all environments. Read More

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Coverage:6-10 Sqm per litre
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Timberline is the premium, wood-stain that can be used to stain and protect both interior and exterior wood in a range of five vibrant colours.   The acrylic formula is easily absorbed into both hardwoods and softwoods, making it ideal for everything from sheds and fences to furniture and window frames.


Timberline is hand crafted in small batches at our Lakeland factory, using organic pigments that work harmoniously with the wood to produce a finish which both enhances the colour of the timber and “lifts” the grain to create a more textured appearance.   Timberline is water-based and almost endlessly versatile being both a stand-alone protective coating and a primary treatment, suitable for over-coating with varnish, lacquer or wax. 

When used for exterior applications the aqueous acrylic ester in the formulation adds durability and stability to the colour, as well as water repellence.

• 100% Breathable & Micro-porous
• Water based, low VOC
• Sympathetic & elegant colours
• Over coat-able with most Clear Varnishes
• Light-fast, fade resistant pigments
• Suppresses black spot mould growth

How does it work?

Timberline is supplied “ready to use” and is suitable for application to most types of new or freshly sanded older timber, absorbing quickly into “open” surfaces.


When used indoors on furniture or joinery it is possible to adjust the intensity of the colour pigment by gradually diluting with clean water until the desired shade is achieved.   Once dry, Timberline may be over-coated with gloss, satin or matt varnish for enhanced abrasion resistance, durability and decorative effect.

• Counter tops
• Furniture restoration
• Doors
• Window frames
• Skirting boards & facings
• Window cills


Applied neat to rough sawn wood such as fence panels, Timberline soaks into the surface, where its translucent quality enhances the natural grain pattern to much better effect than the waxy emulsions, typically marketed in DIY outlets and which have a tendency to obliterate the grain.   On finer exterior joinery it can again be used as a stain and over-coated with clear varnish for enhanced durability.

• Fence rails, posts & panels
• Rough sawn timber
• Garden furniture
• Sheds & Summer Houses
• Kennels, Stables & Poultry runs
• Decking


Exterior timbers often accumulate dirt, especially over the winter.  Rain splash from muddy paths deposits residue on shed cladding and green mould thrives in shaded areas that don’t see the sun.   Wash down with warm soapy water and a deck scrubber or lightly pressure wash using the fan nozzle, taking care not to be too harsh as water jets can damage timber.


Where green mould has been present, stop it from re-growing by applying Kingfisher Bio-Wash to neutralise the spores.   


Leave rough-sawn timbers in their natural state as they will draw in the Timberline to excellent effect without any sanding.   By contrast doors and window frames should be carefully sanded to improve uniform take up of the Timberline dye.  Sand only dry wood.


Apply Timberline to refusal on rough-sawn wood by brush and on planed timber with a fine brush, cloth or sponge.  When brush applying be sure to work well into cut edges and end-grains.  Always use a premium grade brush and work in broad linear strokes following the grain for best decorative finish. 

The coverage rate is 6 to 10 sq m per litre, depending on timber porosity.


Not suitable for application over existing finishes.  Surface must be “open”.

Technical Support

As always we recommend that you read the Technical Data Sheet & Safety Data Sheet thoroughly before commencing any work.  If in doubt please call us for advice, we are here to help.


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