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Stabilising Solution (Weatherflex)

Coverage: 4-5 sq m / litre
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‣ Improves paint adhesion
‣ Eco-friendly (solvent free)
‣ Binds & primes chalking surfaces
‣ Stabilises flaky residues
‣ Solvent free, non-hazardous formulation
‣ Produces a colourless, sealed, non dusting finish

Weatherflex Stabilising Solution is the ideal companion product to our Weatherflex masonry paint and allows you to effectively stabilise or harden "less than perfect" walls or substrates in preparation for the application of Weatherflex. Improves adhesion, depth of colour finish and often reduces the amount of paint applied.

Supplied ready to use for application by brush, roller or low pressure sprayer. One coat is normally sufficient but very porous surfaces may require an additional application. Drying time depends on ambient temperature but generally 4 to 8 hours. Do not apply if air or surface temperature are below 8 ?C.

Great stuff - DIY er

I had to peal all the previous masonary paint off, it had not bonded to the rendering and came off in sheets. I used this product first to stablise the suface, then used Weatherflex paint. The surface became rock hard for repainting and a year later no peeling or movement of the paint. I even tried to scrape the new paint off, but couldn't!


Reviewed by Paul Allen on

Great product really helped the top coat of weather flex paint to adhere to an old painted surface


Reviewed by Colin Blake on

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