Pointing & Re-pointing

Save time and money with an easy point mortar gun

The Quikpoint pointing system offers a powered, durable system that is inexpensive, straightforward to use and simple to maintain. Our brick pointing tools are ideal for pointing mortar and re-pointing bricks, blocks and stone masonry. We supply all the products you need to ensure you achieve only the best results.

Looking for a pointing and re-pointing gun for brickwork or masonry? If so, Kingfisher offers a wide range of brick pointing tools. From the Quikpoint Pointing Gun and replacement parts to Coloured Pointing Mortar, we can provide everything you need. The unique equipment that we supply will ensure that mortar or tile grouting is made easy with outstanding results.

Brick Repointing Guns & Brick Pointing Tools

Our innovative brick re-pointing guns offer excellent joint penetration for your mortar mix. The endurance that this mortar gun provides ensures a long lifespan. Even if you are using the most abrasive mortar mixes. We have a wealth of experience supplying pointing tools for cement mortar, ensuring quality.

It is vital to ensure that a structure has the appropriate integrity and weatherproofing. Mortar joints need to be sufficiently compressed and sealed as well as being of ample depth with no hidden voids. Used by professionals and DIY specialists, the Quikpoint brick pointing machine is much quicker than manual mastic or tile grout guns. It will also not suffer the same clogging issues.

If you’re looking for a brick pointing machine, a mortar pointing gun mix or anything in between, we can help. Every home will someday need some brickwork maintenance, whether it is pointing and re-pointing. The easy point mortar gun we provide fits most common pointing widths and profiles.

Looking for an easy point mortar gun to point or re-point brick, rubble, stone or ashlar properties? Our expertise supplying the finest brick pointing tools means you can rest assured when choosing Kingfisher to purchase products.

NEW Quikpoint Turbo With Cordless Mortar Pointing - Makita Drill

Cordless Mortar Pointing using Quikpoint including the Makita 18-volt DHP458Z 2 speed drill, with custom-designed clamping bracket - buy with or without batteries and charger. Quikpoint is a proven system for effortless repointing and grouting, with cement or lime mortars, self-mixed or bagged. Faster and less physical than 'mastic' guns and does not clog. Supplied with spares kit, mortar scoop.

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Quikpoint Replacement Parts

Replacement parts for Quikpoint Pointing Gun

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Manual Pointing Gun

There are some awkward corners that even your Quickpoint gun can't quite reach and this manual gun is ideal for those situations. Simply load the gun using a small scoop or trowel and then apply the mortar using the comfortable lever action grip:

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Coloured Pointing Mortar (lime-based)

Perfect decorative colour consistency in mortar joints, especially where entire elevations are being re-pointed. The lime-based formula is breathable and forgiving to traditional building materials, including soft clay bricks and stone. The Heritage Lime and Sandstone colours will enhance any traditional restoration, while the Greys strike a more contemporary note.

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Pointing Solution (Waterproofing Admixture)

The indispensable companion to our Quikpoint pointing gun, our mortar waterproofing admixture offers the answer to the age-old problem of crumbling, cracking mortar allowing damp penetration. The unique blend of co-polymers and fungicidal agents produces an outstanding waterproofing Admixture for mortar.

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