Problem: How to seal a concrete worktop?

Properly executed concrete worktops add a striking contemporary twist to modern kitchen design, and of course you can be very creative with moulds to produce your own unique look. However, unsealed concrete is very absorbent and prone to staining, so you need to seal the surface if for no other reason than the maintenance of acceptable food hygiene standards!

Solution: How to seal a concrete worktop?

1. Epoxy Sealer (Kingfisher Epoxy Sealer & Primer)

We start from the assumption that if concrete is your material of choice then want to celebrate its colour and texture, not smother it with a paint. Therefore our recommendation, especially for simple poured concrete is a clear epoxy sealer which will enhance or "bring out" the colour of the concrete and crucially provide a sealed and wipe-able surface finish.

Water based 2-pack epoxy coatings offer superb protection to concrete surfaces, providing complete encapsulation of dust particles and unrivalled durability compared with single pack sealers.

Being water-based and non-taint, "Kingfisher Epoxy Sealer & Primer" minimises disruption when applied in food prep areas, medical and animal environments with its signature low odour characteristics. Water based epoxy coatings are also resistant to a wide range of household chemicals and cleaners.

2. Clear Solvent Acrylic Sealer (Kingfisher Ultimate Topcoat)

We would recommend 2 coats of solvent acrylic for manufactured "polished" concrete worktops but consult the manufacturer first and always apply to a discreet test area to check finish before proceeding to full application.

Products to Remedy the Problem

Clear Epoxy Primer &  Coating

A high performance epoxy resin primer, ideal for sealing concrete surfaces. May be blinded with quartz sand (while tacky) to create an anti-slip surface finish. Kingfisher clear epoxy resin for concrete floors can also form a moisture proof membrane.

Ultimate Topcoat (Solvent Based Concrete Sealer)

Ultimate versatility for interior AND exterior applications. Ultimate performance for sealing and concrete surface hardening. Ultimate Topcoat (Solvent Based Concrete Sealer) is our premier sealer for all types of concrete flooring, stamped (imprinted) concrete, block paving and natural paving. We simply make it with the best resins and use the highest proportion of those resins to achieve superior finish, durability and lifespan. Satin Sheen finish.

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