Interior Brick and Dust Sealer (Matt Finish)  

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This breathable sealer stops the troublesome "dusting" typically associated with brick feature walls and decorative interior stone. Read More

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Interior Brick and Dust Sealer (Matt Finish)

Brick Sealant for Interior Brick Walls

  • A breathable (vapour permeable) surface treatment
  • Solvent-free
  • Provides protection from staining
  • Suitable as a non-flammable fireplace sealer
  • Limits ingestion of dust by cooling fans in computers and other equipment

Whether a country kitchen, red brick fireplace or an urban office conversion, brick feature walls are very aesthetically pleasing. Brick and stone features are very popular in the modern-day. They soften the clean lines of modern interior design with organic warmth and authenticity.

This embracing the best of past and present has developed into a significant design movement. Kingfisher Interior Brick & Dust Sealer helps make the look practical and accessible to all budgets.

Kingfisher Building Products manufactures Interior Brick & Dust Sealer, a breathable (vapour permeable) surface treatment. It stops the troublesome dusting, typically linked with brick feature walls and decorative interior stone.

Older bricks in particular deposit red dust in their vicinity because heating dries out the clay surface. This encourages fine particles to lose adhesion and detach. Soft stone, cement and lime mortar joints are similarly vulnerable to abrasive dust release. This dust release can scratch furniture, ceramics and timber finishes.

Interior Brick Sealer

Interior Brick & Dust Sealer offers a practical and lasting solution to the problem. It’s penetrating clear acrylic ester formula helps by binding and sealing porous or friable surfaces. It typically darkens the surface very slightly, often enhancing the substrate colour.

In most cases, one coat is sufficient for dust control. Although, two coats can be applied for enhanced surface protection against liquid staining. Suitable as a feature wall and non-flammable fireplace sealer on most mineral-based substrates including:

  • Clay Bricks
  • Stone (Porous)
  • Mortar Joints
  • Concrete
  • Breeze block (Two coats)

Formulated at our Lakeland factory, Kingfisher Interior Brick & Dust Sealer makes effective sealing of brickwork quick, clean and easy. Looking for an interior brick sealer to create a protective barrier? Look no further than our brick and dust sealer. Nothing compares for offering long-lasting protection against staining.

Sealing brick couldn’t be easier with our brick wall sealer. Our brick sealant is very popular when used sealing an interior brick fireplace as well as brick feature walls. It will penetrate deeply into brick and masonry, acting as a high-quality brick masonry sealer. For more information regarding this product, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Stone wall dust no more !

Absolutely amazing product ! I painted it on in my stone wall and it enhanced the stone and stopped the dust - perfect !


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Excellent Product

This is an excellent and effective product. We had partially removed the paint and plaster from a large brick wall in our kitchen. The sealer worked equally well on the bricks, mortar and remnants of the paint and plaster. It was very easy to fill the crevices in the mortar with a larger amount of sealer. After applying two coats (though one would probably have been sufficient), there is no sign of any dust. The sealer leaves a visually pleasing matt finish which positively accentuates the different colours and hues of the bricks and other materials.


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