Coloured Pointing Mortar  

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The combination of fine silica sand and dyes produces a waterproof pointing mortar that offers an exceptionally workable mortar bead. The finished product when using this coloured mortar for pointing is a wall or property enhanced by rich consistent colour. Read More

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Waterproof Pointing Mortar

  • Uniform colour
  • Polymer modified (waterproof)
  • Non-shrink
  • Reduces wear on nozzles/gun

The combination of fine silica sand and dyes produces an exceptionally workable Pointing Mortar bead. The finished product is a wall or property enhanced by rich consistent colour. (Heritage Mix: 611 Sand/Lime/Cement)

Coloured Mortar for Pointing

Using the Kingfisher coloured mortar for pointing can help you to significantly enhance the appearance of your project. It can be used to either aesthetically match your brickwork or be used to contrast for a beautiful effect. As a waterproof pointing mortar, this product is second to none. Our coloured mortar is available in a wide range of colours including Dark Grey, Heritage, Light Grey and Sandstone.

Our coloured mortar for pointing has been developed for professionals and DIYers to carry out the repointing of brick walls. It is very practical, offering both smooth and textured finishes when using the correct tooling techniques. If you require more than one batch, you can rest assured that you will always get the exact same colour.

Using a coloured mortar for pointing can make a massive difference to the overall look and feel of your project. This is because some colours look more aesthetically pleasing than others when combined.

With Kingfisher, you can rest assured that you are receiving only the finest coloured waterproof pointing mortar. Our prices are very competitive, offering value for money that is second to none. For more information regarding our coloured mortar mix, contact us today.

Pointing Mortar Quantity

Pointing Mortar for Bedding, Pointing, Repointing & Rendering.

Rules of thumb to estimate mortar quantity, repointing and rendering as follows:

Repointing Bricks, Blocks & Stone Masonry

10kg mortar will repoint 1 square metre of brickwork with joints 10mm wide x 20mm deep.

10kg mortar will repoint 17 linear metres with one continuous joint 10mm wide x 20mm deep.

Bedding & Laying Bricks, Blocks & Stone Masonry

10kg mortar will lay 10 bricks with a 10mm joint (where brick size: 230mm x 100mm x 10mm deep.)

20kg mortar will lay 10 blocks with a 10mm joint (where block size: 460mm x 100mm x 10mm deep.)


15kg will cover 1 square metre of render at 10mm thick.

Please note
These quantities are approximate, don't forget to allow for wastage, typically waste 5% allowance for render.

Please note
The product requires the addition of “Kingfisher Pointing Solution” diluted with water (1 part “Pointing Solution” to 5 parts water) to give a non-shrink, waterproof and decorative finish.

Just the job.

Good colour match and easy to use.


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Pointing made simple

Excellent product which is simple to mix and use. I also bought the Quickpoint gun, pointing Solution and Mortar rake kit - so I had everything required to make a professional job at a fraction of the cost.


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