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Coloured Pointing Mortar

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  • Uniform colour
  • Polymer modified (waterproof)
  • Non-shrink
  • Reduces wear on nozzles/gun

The combination of fine silica sand and dyes produces an exceptionally workable Pointing Mortar bead and the finished product is a wall or property enhanced by rich consistent colour. (Heritage Mix: 611 Sand/Lime/Cement)

Pointing Mortar Quantity

Pointing Mortar for Bedding, Pointing, Repointing & Rendering.
Rules of thumb to estimate mortar quantity, repointing and rendering as follows:

Repointing Bricks, Blocks & Stone Masonry

10kg mortar will repoint 1 square metre of brickwork with joints 10mm wide x 20mm deep.
10kg mortar will repoint 17 linear metres with one continuous joint 10mm wide x 20mm deep.

Bedding & Laying Bricks, Blocks & Stone Masonry

10kg mortar will lay 10 bricks with a 10mm joint (where brick size: 230mm x 100mm x 10mm deep.)
20kg mortar will lay 10 blocks with a 10mm joint (where block size: 460mm x 100mm x 10mm deep.)


15kg will cover 1 square metre of render at 10mm thick.

Please note
These quantities are approximate, don't forget to allow for wastage, typically waste 5% allowance for render.

Pointing made simple

Excellent product which is simple to mix and use. I also bought the Quickpoint gun, pointing Solution and Mortar rake kit - so I had everything required to make a professional job at a fraction of the cost.


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