Block Star - Colour Changing Sealer

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Block Star - Colour Changing Sealer

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Block Star - Colour Changing Sealer

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Block Star - Colour Changing Sealer
Block Star - Colour Changing Sealer
Block Star - Colour Changing Sealer

Please Note: Remember computer screens and printers do not interpret colour consistently. We recommend that you order a tester before making your final colour choice.

Block Star - Colour Changing Sealer  

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Driveway seen better days? Block Star transforms old brindle, red, grey & buff block paving from “faded & jaded” to a rich contemporary charcoal shade with a premium satin finish. Easy to apply, Block Star is a pigmented resin sealer NOT a paint, so it won’t peel.Read More

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Block Star – Give your driveway star quality!

Kingfisher Block Star makes driveway restoration and visual updating easy. Based on our established solvent acrylic, resin technology, combined with an integrated light-fast charcoal pigment.    Block Star uniquely absorbs into the substrate, using the penetrating resin formula to “carry” the pigment deeper into the surface.  It is this characteristic allied to a relatively thin film finish which provides the durability and longevity that driveway “paints” fall short on.

•    Transformational colour change, “lifts” the appearance of the entire property
•    Re-imagines those colour schemes stuck in the eighties and nineties
•    Save thousands of pounds compared with tearing up an otherwise “sound” driveway
•    Oil stain resistant
•    Easy to apply by roller or brush
•    Apply maintenance coats, without need to strip previous layers
•    Block texture remains visible, avoiding a “painted” look
•    Protects against moss and algal growth

Block Star is the ultimate all-in-one driveway recolouring treatment that acts as both a concrete block paving sealer and a complete colour changer.


How does it work?

Block Star was originally conceived in response to customers who wanted a product that would allow them to retain their existing driveway, but with a colour and authentic finish more in keeping with contemporary design language. 

By way of example, if updating an eighties-built home the windows might be changed to satin grey frames against white render, which then inevitably clashes with faded red block paving.   “There is nothing actually wrong with the driveway, it just doesn’t match the refurbished house” is the understandable quandary.  Block Star answers this problem with a low-cost, sustainable approach that doesn’t dump concrete waste into landfill.

And it is a point worth making that older block paved driveways which have lasted 20 or 30 years, tend to be the ones that were built to a decent standard in the first place, with proper foundations and drainage.  Not only that but they are almost always the ones with the better quality, heavy section blocks.  How long might this type of paving ultimately last? We wouldn’t be surprised if the answer is well over half a century!

Therefore one of the key attributes of Block Star is its ease of long term maintainability. If we accept that all coatings will wear over time, then you want something that is easy to “top up” when required.

Being primarily a penetrating sealer, Block Star stains into the substrate and the thin surface film formed by the second coat is a tough acrylic, which doesn’t de-laminate in big “flakes”. So you can re-coat it without the bother of stripping off the old finish.  Just pressure wash and re-apply (usually just one coat).

By contrast if you “paint” your driveway (as suggested by various online forums) with a paving or masonry paint, it sits on top of the surface and will eventually peel and de-laminate under the mechanical stress of vehicles turning, general abrasion and impact damage.   This creates a BIG problem because before you re-paint you have to strip the old paint entirely (otherwise it will look “patchy”) which is massively labour intensive, not to mention messy.  We are also manufacturers of masonry paint and do not recommend its use on block paving.

Avoid the pain, use Block Star developed at our Lakeland factory and based on over thirty years’ experience manufacturing paving resins.

Areas of use:

•    Refurbishment of concrete block paving in domestic and light commercial settings
•    Block paved driveways
•    Patios and paths
•    Very porous concrete

Important! Always test on a small discreet area before proceeding to a full application (testers available).  Do not apply in damp conditions or if rain expected.


How to use Blockstar?

1. Clean the surface
To ensure full absorption & adhesion wash the paving using a pressure washer, ideally with an output pressure of 2500 to 3000 psi and a spray lance equipped with a “turbo-jet” nozzle or specialist rotary attachment designed for cleaning paved surfaces.  Alternatively, use Kingfisher Max strength patio cleaner and a stiff bristle deck scrubbing brush.  Allow to dry.   

2. Repairs
Replace cracked or broken pavers with new or good condition weathered ones.  Block paving with joints 1.5mm to 5mm wide should have the joint sand topped up with either kiln dried sand or Kingfisher Blockfill.  Make sure that all excess sand residues are carefully swept up using a soft broom so as to avoid unsightly sand debris being sealed onto the block faces.

3. Biocidal Wash Treatment
After cleaning (once dry) the paving should be thoroughly sprayed to refusal with Kingfisher Bio Wash. This is applied by low pressure sprayer (as for weed killer etc.) to the entire paving surface and is left to dry out (do not rinse). This is an extremely important phase in the process because it will greatly reduce the possibility of moss or lichens re-establishing.

Note: Some paving may exhibit corrosive efflorescence (salting) and where this occurs it can cause sealers to de-laminate.  Please contact our technical department for guidance

4.  Application
Apply 2 x coats neat without dilution by either brush, roller or sprayer.  Always apply to a small inconspicuous test area first to check compatibility.  Thoroughly agitate the container before use as the pigments can drop to the bottom of the container in transit leading to an uneven finish. If in doubt “dip” the drum with a broom handle to check uniformity of dispersion.

a) Brush Application:   Use only premium grade brushes suitable for use with solvent based paints.  Work in broad even strokes, ensuring that no ponding occurs.  Brush application is especially recommended for grey/charcoal border details where it is easier to “cut in” for an accurate finish.

b)  Roller Application:  Use a standard (disposable) medium knap roller fixed to a sturdy decorator’s pole and roll the product on in broad sweeps ensuring even coverage without ponding.

c)  Spray Application:   It is possible to apply the product using either a manual low pressure solvent resistant sprayer (see: Kingfisher Solvent Resistant Sprayer) or a professional airless high pressure sprayer (e.g. “Graco” 4900 / 5900 series).  The main advantage of this method of application is that it eliminates the possibility of sand “pick up” from the joints.  Standard garden/ DIY sprayers are NOT suitable as their seals are solvent perishable.

Two coats of “Block Star” evenly applied are recommended for optimal depth of colour, although a single coat may be sufficient on some darker substrates (user discretion).  An optional “lacquer coat” of Kingfisher Ultimate Topcoat lends durability and a glossier finish but should be applied by SPRAY only.  Apply one coat.  Please note this application will require 5 to 7 days to reach full cure before vehicle traffic may resume.  Foot traffic permitted after 24 hours.

Note: Kingfisher Block Star MUST NOT be applied to wet or damp surfaces, if rain is imminent, in high humidity or if ambient temperatures are below +5°C.   Always apply to a discreet test area BEFORE proceeding to full application.

100% effective

I bought this to update my brindle block paving having previously used restore a drive from Kingfisher. All I can say is WOW ! This exceeded all my expectations two coats and is transformed my dated drive. Looks so fresh and modern.100% recommend


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