Block &      Paving Sealer (K-Seal)

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Block &      Paving Sealer (K-Seal)

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Block &      Paving Sealer (K-Seal)

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Block &      Paving Sealer (K-Seal)

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Block &      Paving Sealer (K-Seal)

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Block &      Paving Sealer (K-Seal)

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Block &      Paving Sealer (K-Seal)

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Block &      Paving Sealer (K-Seal)

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Block &      Paving Sealer (K-Seal)
Block &      Paving Sealer (K-Seal)
Block &      Paving Sealer (K-Seal)
Block &      Paving Sealer (K-Seal)
Block &      Paving Sealer (K-Seal)
Block &      Paving Sealer (K-Seal)
Block &      Paving Sealer (K-Seal)
Block &      Paving Sealer (K-Seal)
Block &      Paving Sealer (K-Seal)
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Block & Paving Sealer (K-Seal)   

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Professional patio sealer for Pavers, Flags and Paving Slabs, Use what the trade uses! K-Seal Total resin block paving sealer provides excellent surface protection for both driveways and patios.Read More

Product Code:78
Coverage:5-7 m2 / litre
Application:By brush/roller
Colour Palette:

The colours shown here are dependent upon screen settings or monitor calibration, they are a guide only. The actual colour may vary.

Sizes & Tester:Size:
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Brick Driveway Sealant

The ultimate trade trusted SATIN finish block sealer, K-Seal Block & Paving Sealer protects, enhances colour and inhibits organic growth. Suitable for:

  • Paver Blocks
  • Black Limestone
  • Sandstone Paving 
  • Concrete Paving
  • York stone

K-Seal Block & Paving Sealer is easy to apply by roller, brush or solvent resistant sprayer. It is the first choice of professional applicators. This is because unlike cheaper water-based alternatives, our brick driveway sealant provides genuine long-term protection. It can last for up to four years and really brings out the colour in weathered paving, especially black limestone.

Block paving driveways and patios are increasingly more popular but can often be exposed to the elements. This means that over time, signs of wear, tear and degradation can damage the appearance of your block paving. Luckily, Kingfisher have you covered with a brick driveway sealant that will enhance appearance and resistance.

Block Paving Sealer

Recently installed a new driveway or you just want to restore your existing patio? If so, this block paving sealer is second to none. It is outstanding for resisting all types of dirt to stop surface staining and weather damage. The durable finish that this brick driveway sealant provides will help prevent signs of wear and tear for years to come.

Our sealant for block paving is formulated using only premium grade acrylic resins. K-Seal Block & Paving Sealer repels both oil stains from vehicles and fatty stains from barbecue spills. This block paving sealer also penetrates deep into the surface. Helping protect against water and frost damage and inhibits the growth of algae, weeds and moss. K-Seal Block & Paving Sealer is easy to maintain in subsequent years as required, with no risk of yellowing or cracking.

So, preserve the life of your paving today with our high-quality block paving sealer. Please contact us for more information and advice regarding the K-Seal Block & Paving Sealer.


Kingfisher “K-Seal Total Paving Sealer” is a multi-purpose solvent acrylic sealer suitable for application to a broad
range of paved and concrete surfaces. It is manufactured using only premium grade acrylic resins and hydro-carbon
solvents. Kingfisher Total Paving Sealer is a penetrating clear liquid resin which enhances the colour of paving with
a pleasing matt finish on porous materials like paver blocks and a satin finish on harder materials such as slate.

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Domestic and light commercial:

• Block Paving
• Natural Stone
• Concrete Paving Slabs
• Flag stones & more…………….

If in doubt, please call Kingfisher Building Products on Technical Dept. Tel: 01229 869 100


• Ease of application by roller, brush, or sprayer (see application section for guidance)
• Highly durable weatherproof finish with high UV and oil stain resistance
• Slows organic growth i.e. moss and algal growth
• Penetrating formulation extends the life and improves the appearance of paving materials


1. Clean. the surface to ensure that the Kingfisher K-Seal Total Paving Sealer keys to the paving, the surface must
firstly be cleansed of all moss, mould, lichen, carbon deposits, oil stains and airborne dirt. Thoroughly wash the
paving using a pressure washer, ideally with an output pressure of 2500 to 3000 psi and a spray lance equipped
with a “turbo-jet” nozzle or specialist rotary attachment designed for cleaning paved surfaces. Alternatively, the
surface can be cleaned manually with Kingfisher Max Strength Patio Cleaner and a stiff bristle deck scrubbing brush
(see relevant product data sheet). Allow to dry.

2. Repairs. It is often only after cleaning that the full extent of required repairs becomes obvious. Replace cracked
or broken flagstones / pavers with new or good condition weathered ones (sometimes a better match!). Block
paving with joints 1.5mm to 5mm wide should have the joint sand topped up with either kiln dried sand or Kingfisher
Blockfill. Flagstone joints (typically > 8mm) should be re-pointed using Kingfisher Pointing Mortar. Make sure that
all excess sand residues are carefully swept up using a soft broom so as to avoid unsightly sand debris being sealed
onto the block faces.

3. Biocidal Wash Treatment. After cleaning (once dry) the paving should be thoroughly sprayed to refusal with
Kingfisher Bio Wash. This is applied by low pressure sprayer (as for weed killer etc.) to the entire paving surface and
is left to dry out (do not rinse). This is an extremely important phase in the process because it will greatly reduce
the possibility of moss or lichens re-establishing. The pressure washing process leaves the paving looking clean, but
the moss root systems and mould/lichen spores are still present in hundreds of microscopic crevices and especially
in the joints. Spraying the paving liberally with Kingfisher Bio Wash ensures that the paving is sanitised and inert,
ready for the first coat of Kingfisher K-Seal Total Paving Sealer.

Note: Some paving materials occasionally exhibit corrosive efflorescence (salting) and where this occurs it can cause
sealers to de-laminate. If this occurs, contact our technical department for guidance.


Kingfisher K-Seal Total Paving Sealer should be applied neat without dilution by either brush, roller or sprayer.
Always apply to a small inconspicuous test area to check you are satisfied with the finish before proceeding to full

a. Brush Application: Use only premium grade brushes suitable for use with solvent-based paints. Budget range
brushes will shed their bristles spoiling the finish. Work in broad even strokes working first in one direction, then
the other, ensuring that no ponding occurs.

b. Roller Application: Use a standard (disposable) medium knap roller fixed to a sturdy decorator’s pole and roll
the product on in broad sweeps ensuring even coverage without ponding.

c. Spray Application: It is possible to apply the product using either a manual low pressure solvent resistant sprayer
Kingfisher Solvent Resistant Sprayer or a professional airless high pressure sprayer (e.g.Graco 4900 / 5900 series).
The main advantage of this method of application is that it eliminates the possibility of any sand being picked up
from the joints by a sticky roller or brush. Standard garden/ DIY sprayers(including fence sprayers) are NOT suitable
as they do not have solvent resistant seals.
Apply two coats for best results allowing 3 to 4 hours between coats.

Note: Kingfisher K-Seal Total Paving Sealer MUST NOT be applied to wet or damp surfaces, if rain is imminent, in
high humidity or if ambient temperatures are below +5°C over the following 24 hr period. As with all solvent acrylic
sealers, be sure to schedule the works allowing sufficient time for initial cure to take place before the evening dew
point to avoid airborne moisture contamination.

Clean Up

Brushes can be cleaned in Kingfisher Solvent No.2 but disposable rollers should be allowed to cure fully before
being discarded. Spray equipment must be thoroughly flushed with Kingfisher Solvent No.2 before being stored
away. If the sealer should become accidentally moisture contaminated during application or drying, this will result
in white staining (oil & resin mixing with water). This can be remediated with Kingfisher Solvent No.2 and you should
refer to the relevant Product Data Sheet on our website for detailed instructions.

Note: White spirit is NOT suitable for cleaning up Kingfisher K-Seal Total Paving Sealer.


5 – 7m² / litre per coat


Kingfisher K-Seal Total Paving Sealer is supplied in 5 litre cans and 20 litre bundles. (25 Litre cans if collected)

Shelf Life & Storage

This product is flammable. Store in original packaging in a cool dry place, out of direct sunlight, away from sources
of ignition. Keep out of reach of children. NO SMOKING

Health & Safety

• If applying by spray wear a face mask and eye protection
• Wear disposable gloves and overalls during preparation and application
• Avoid contact with skin and eyes
• If contact occurs wash immediately with plenty of water
• Keep out of reach of children
• Ensure good ventilation during application and drying
• Always dispose of empty packaging responsibly
• The product is flammable so do not apply near sources of ignition. NO SMOKING
• Contains solvent aromatic middle distillate and is classified as harmful
Product Data Sheet / Product code 78 REV03 22.12.2021
• Keep children and pets away from treated areas until fully cured
• Do not allow run off to contaminate drains, waterways or planted areas

Before using this product read the Material Safety Data Sheet which can be obtained at or
by calling the Kingfisher Technical Dept. Tel: 01229 869 100.

The information given in this product data sheet is given in good faith, based on current knowledge and experience.
It relates only to the specific material designated and may not be valid for such material used in combination with
any other materials or in any process. Such information is to the best of the company’s knowledge and belief,
accurate as of the date indicated.

All recommendations are made without warranty or guarantee, as to accuracy, reliability, completeness since the
conditions of use are beyond our control. It is the user’s responsibility to satisfy themselves as to the suitability and
application of such information for their own use

refurbished patio

I had never used this product before I carried out work to refurbish a customers patio. The results were more than I expected, there was a mixture of new and old patio slabs and K-Seal provided a uniform final finish to them all. The key is in the preparation, ensure you follow the manufacturers guidelines for the best finish.


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K Seal

Arrived spot on time. The sealant spread further than you imagine and has produced an excellent finish. The patio has gone a little darker, but it actually now has a much better finish. Delighted with the result.


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