Asbestos Roof Coating
Asbestos Roof Coating
Asbestos Roof Coating
Asbestos Roof Coating
Asbestos Roof Coating
Asbestos Roof Coating

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Asbestos Roof Coating  

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Kingfisher Asbestos Roof Coating is a solvent free, high bond styrene acrylic coating which is ideal for re-coating a wide variety of asbestos cement roof and cladding sheets found on industrial buildings and older domestic garages. Read More

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Coverage:4-6 m2 / litre
Application:Brush or Spray
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Asbestos Roof Paint

  • Paint for asbestos roof sheets
  • Ideal for asbestos roof renovation
  • Extends the life of asbestos roof sheets
  • Provides long term weather protection and colour stability
  • Apply by brush or high-pressure spray
  • Highly durable weatherproof finish with high UV resistance

Kingfisher Asbestos Roof Coating is a premium grade, solvent-free, styrene acrylic material. It can be easily applied to a wide range of asbestos roofing and cladding sheets. These are usually found on industrial buildings and older domestic garages. Our paint for asbestos roof sheets is the economical way to extend the life of your roof.

If asbestos roofing is left un-coated or un-protected, water can begin to seep through the underlying substrates and building architecture. That’s where our high-quality asbestos roof paint comes in, sealing and binding old asbestos fibres. The attractive and high strength finish that the Kingfisher asbestos coating paint provides will never fail to impress. You can be sure of an enhanced appearance of your asbestos roof when using this roof paint.

Paint for Asbestos Roof Sheets

The years of research and testing we have spent on asbestos roof coating ensures that it is second to none. Kingfisher Asbestos Roof Coating is safe and very easily applied by a brush or high-pressure spray. It forms an attractive, high strength, fibre encapsulating finish, which will last for up to ten years. Take care when working with asbestos paint, excellent practical advice available on the HSE website (document A12).

So, for a reliable and cost-effective asbestos roof paint, look no further than Kingfisher Building Products.

Full application instructions can be found in our "How To" guide.

Also available as part of a Garage Kit


“Kingfisher Asbestos Roof Coating” is an advanced styrene acrylic polymer coating system specifically designed to completely renovate and transform tired Asbestos Cement (AC) roof sheets. Using advanced micro-polymer technology Kingfisher has produced a highly durable product which not only seals porous roof sheets but also transforms and enhances the appearance of the roof. “Kingfisher Asbestos Roof Coating” provides a tough fibre encapsulating “shell” finish which prevents the release of potentially harmful dust particles. Installed under the correct conditions and procedures “Kingfisher Asbestos Roof Coating” with its UV light protecting elements will provide long term weather protection and colour stability for 10 years.

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• Kingfisher “Bio-Wash”
• Kingfisher “Asbestos Sealer & Primer”
• Kingfisher “1 for All” hybrid polymer sealant
(Refer to these individual product data sheets for detailed application guidance – published on our website



Use on: Domestic, commercial, agricultural and industrial buildings fitted with asbestos cement roof sheets and some cement fibre sheets also. If in doubt, please call our technical services department on 01229 869 100 for guidance. “Kingfisher Asbestos Roof Coating” is for use on pitched AC roofs only, where it is impervious to mass water penetration.



• Ease of application by brush or high pressure spray
• Highly durable weatherproof finish with high UV resistance
• Extends roof surface life by 10 years
• Fibre encapsulating.
• Tools can be cleaned with soap and water after use.


Surface Preparation

1. Pre-treat roof with “Bio Wash” (kills moss, green mould & lichens)
Liberally spray the entire roof surface with Kingfisher “Bio Wash” using a low pressure sprayer (as for garden weed-killer) and leave for seven days to activate. This effectively sanitises the roof surface by killing the obvious areas of growth as well as the hidden spores buried deep in the substrate and overlap joints.

2. Clean Roof (remove debris)
Thoroughly damp the roof by mist spraying with water (suppresses release of harmful fibres) and brush/ scrape the dead moss and other surface dirt and laitance into bags for disposal as AC waste. Alternatively for larger areas the “closed box” pressure washing method described in HSE doc A12 can be used but the waste sludge and water run off have to be co llected in the gutters and down pipe. This involves diverting all run off into one down pipe usually temporarily modified on site to divert the water into a mobile water filtration system. Allow to dry.

Note: DO NOT pressure wash asbestos with a lance attachment as this may result in the uncontrolled release of potentially harmful asbestos fibres. There is a highly informative two page document covering this on the HSE web site, reference number A12 which can easily be downloaded for your further reference.

3. Repair Roof
General: Sealers and coatings should only be applied to essentially “sound” roofs so a pre- inspection of the roof structure and surface condition should always be undertaken by a competent person (e.g. experienced roofing contractor or structural engineer) before commencing works. This will determine whether the supporting steel / timbers are in need of repair and identify any cladding / roof sheets which are damaged or decayed beyond practical
repair and therefore need complete replacement. In addition this inspection will typically inform the competent person’s choice of access equipment to be used for safe execution of the works.

Minor Repairs: Any minor cracks or holes, especially around fixings can be filled with “Kingfisher 1 for All” hybrid polymer sealant. Cracks of up to 3mm can be successfully filled by applying a bead of “1 for All” along the crack and then pressing / smearing it firmly into the damaged area. We recommend wearing disposable latex gloves for this task as the hybrid polymer, whilst neutral in its formulation is very highly adhesive! “1 for all” is fully over-
paintable once cured but try to avoid applying primer to it. Note: Kingfisher “Multi-task” wipes are formulated to quickly remove “1 for all” from skin and tools before it cures.

Larger Repairs. Bigger cracks or holes can be bridged with “Kingfisher Fibreseal” – a thixotropic fibre reinforced roofing compound & “Kingfisher Scrim Mesh”. Apply one coat of “Fibreseal” to the affected area and bed the fine mesh into the “Fibreseal”, then leave to cure. Once cured apply a second coat over the mesh. Avoid applying the “Asbestos Primer” to this repair and leave for a minimum of 2 days before applying “Kolourseal” or “Asbestos Roof Coating”.

4. Prime Roof
Apply one coat of Kingfisher “Asbestos Sealer & Primer” by brush or spray. DO NOT over apply. Brush out any runs which may occur. The material should have soaked into the surface after approximately 20 minutes. Drying time will vary dependin g on the surface porosity and ambient temperature, but normally 4 – 8 hours should be allowed for each coat to fully dry. However, it is better to apply subsequent coats of “Kolourseal” or “Asbestos Roof Coating” whilst the primer still has a slight “tackiness” as this aids adhesion.



Apply 2 x coats by brush or airless spray. If applying by brush use a high quality masonry paint brush, working in broad even strokes, taking care not to over-apply. Pay close attention to sheet edges and corners ensuring that the coating is worked well into all crevices and joints.

If applying by high pressure spray, we recommend a typical GRACO 4900 or 5900 series airless sprayer with the pressure set at 2500 psi and fitted with a 517 nozzle tip blade (17 thou) for optimum performance. Ensure that roof -lights and vents etc. are protected from over-spray and take precautions to avoid spray drift contamination of vehicle finishes in the vicinity.

Apply only in dry conditions to a dry surface, with no rain expected for at least 24 hours post application. As with all water based treatments, please be aware that you need to plan any exterior works to allow sufficient drying time for the product to cure before the evening dew point, especially in the shorter days of winter. On a roof surface warmed by the summer sun “Kingfisher Asbestos Roof Coating” will dry in under an hour, permitting two coats to be applied in one day whereas in winter initial cure can be 4 hours so only one coat is possible.

DO NOT apply at air or surface temperatures below + 6 °C.



5 - 6 m² per litre depending on the porosity of the surface.


Product Data


Appearance Matt finish
Coverage 5-6m2/ litre per coat
Initial Cure 4-8 hours at 200C
Full Cure 24 hours at 200C
Application Temperature +60C to +350C
Service Temperature -200C to +500C



Store in original packaging in a cool dry place, out of direct sunlight and protect from frost.

Note: Once frost damaged the product is unusable (this will be immediately apparent if any attempt is made to apply it!) and cannot be recovered by warming up or any other means.


Shelf Life

The product has a shelf life of 12 months from the date of manufacture, subject to correct
storage conditions.


Health & Safety

• If applying by spray wear a face mask (FFP3).
• When preparing and cleaning the surface wear a face mask (minimum FFP3).
• Wear disposable gloves and overalls during preparation and application.
• Avoid contact with skin and eyes.
• If contact occurs wash immediately with plenty of water.
• Keep out of reach of children.
• Ensure good ventilation during application and drying.
• Always dispose of empty packaging responsibly.

The product is non-hazardous in normal use.

Note: AC roofs can be very fragile and must only be accessed with caution using the correct weight spreading crawler boards, harnessing etc. We are primarily coatings manufacturers NOT Health & Safety advisors and as such we do not offer definitive guidance on “working at height” or “working with asbestos”, so we recommend that you consult a competent person or Health & Safety professional before commencing works.

For further information, please refer to the relevant Material Safety Data Sheet.

Asbestos roof coating

Very good product just finished a 10mtr by 6mtr roof. Cleaned of and prepared with your sealer primer then 2 coat of the asbestos paint. Saved me a fortune of not having to reproof the building. Looks brand new now.


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