Admix Mortar Plasticiser

Admix Mortar Plasticiser
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Admix mortar plasticiser is a very high-quality formula which dramatically improves the workability of bricklaying and plastering mortars. Our cement plasticiser increases frost resistance and eliminates the need for lime in the mix. Read More


Cement Plasticiser

Kingfisher Admix Mortar Plasticiser has a very high-quality formula which dramatically improves the workability of plastering and bricklaying mortars. Admix Mortar Plasticiser increases frost resistance down to -2 deg C and eliminates the need for lime in the mix. Use with all types of Portland cements including sulphate resisting.

The Kingfisher cement plasticiser can help to minimise cracking, shrinking and crazing. It helps protect the mortar mix from frost damage, during the laying and throughout the life of the mortar. We have extensively developed this cement plasticiser so that mortar is cohesive, does not bleed and holds together adequately.

Mortar Plasticiser

This outstanding product will also help to reduce the amount of water content in mortar. It does this by giving the mortar small air bubbles to make it more workable. An additional benefit is that this mortar plasticiser reduces the amount of water needed in the mortar. Thus, improving the cure of the mortar.

Lime usually delays the drying time of mortar, but our mortar plasticiser doesn’t, allowing plentiful time for adjustments. Admix Mortar Plasticiser will help to diminish a rough mix, making it much smoother and easier to work with. It is suitable for a wide range of applications such as bricklaying, blockwork and rendering.

So, for a mortar plasticiser that helps create a durable mortar that is easier to work with, look no further. For more information regarding how our easy to use cement plasticiser can help you, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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