Problem: How to "treat" a new summer house or garage?

Timber summer houses, offices, games rooms, garages & workshops are more popular than ever as we increasingly seek to maximise our outdoor spaces. Most are pre-fabricated timber kits of varying size, design and complexity so that we can have almost any configuration imaginable... budget permitting! But having built your dream timber space, how do you protect your investment from the ravages of the British climate?

Solution: How to "treat" a new summer house or garage?

1. Primary treatment against fungal attack

Increasingly we are seeing that kits are being supplied "untreated" or with temporary water repellent treatment only, so you need to ask your supplier...

  1. Is it raw untreated timber?

  2. Has it been treated against fungal attack with an HSE certified timber preserver?

If it is untreated you will need to apply a "Wood Preserver" to protect against fungal attack (e.g. dry or wet rot). Our HSE certified "Wood Preserver" range protects against both fungal and insect attack in just one easy brush or low pressure spray application and is available in a range of attractive colours. Note: Recent tightening of biocides legislation has spawned a rash of uncertified wood "protectors" which contain no fungicide and offer zero protection. Check for the HSE number printed on the back of the tin.

Our "Wood Preserver" provides long term protection form insect and fungal attack and weather protection for up to 12 months.

2. Secondary treatment - Kingfisher Oil Based wood stain (5 Years)

Having checked that your timber was pre-treated or having treated it yourself with our "Wood Preserver", you are now ready to apply a decorative and weather protective coating.

"Kingfisher K-X10" is an oil based wood stain formulated with premium grade resins and light fast pigments for a truly luxurious satin finish, which accentuates the timber grain and lasts for at least 5 years. Fully compatible with virtually all HSE certified wood preservers, "Kingfisher K-X10" also offers outstanding levels of protection to both hard and softwood exposed to driving rain, frost and high levels of U.V.

K-X10 is available in a range of colours including: Light Oak, Mahogany, Walnut, Black, Teak, Pine, Rosewood, and Spruce Green.

Apply two coats by brush or high pressure sprayer. Machined surfaces may require a light abrasion with fine sand paper before the first coat is applied.

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