Problem: Penetrating Damp

Penetrating damp occurs where moisture is absorbed laterally from rainwater hitting the outside walls of your home. Over the years, the mortar joints and even the bricks, stone or cement render which make up the outer protective layer of your home can degrade. Constant weathering including driving rain and the freeze/ thaw cycle open up tiny cracks which enlarge over time to provide a pathway for water to ingress into your walls. Other sources for penetrating damp might include:

  • Leaking or over-flowing gutter.
  • Leaking downpipe.
  • Leaking mains water pipe.
  • Cracks in a chimney structure.

Checklist for penetrating damp*:

  1. Can occur at any height on an outside wall.
  2. Plaster is damp in random patches, (not like the tide line of rising damp).
  3. Damp patches often disappear during dry spells (whereas rising damp is fairly constant).
  4. Usually less salt damage (white crystals) compared to rising damp.
  5. Commonly occurs around windows.
  6. Commonly arises after re-pointing with lime mortar.
  7. Commonly found on exposed gable (pine end) walls.

Solution: Penetrating Damp

  1. Check that the mortar joints for cracks or soft spots and repoint as necessary using "Kingfisher Pointing Solution" in the cement mortar mix or with "Kingfisher Coloured Pointing Mortar".
  2. Check there are no leaking gutters or downpipes - replace or repair any leaking sections. Green or black vertical staining on a wall is often an indication of gutter leaks, even small leaks can lead to big damp ingress problems over time. For high integrity repairs, use "Kingfisher 1 for All" hybrid polymer sealant in place of silicone mastic.
  3. Leaks around windows or window frames are common, check the mastic joints and replace any decayed material with "Kingfisher 1 for All" hybrid polymer sealant.
  4. Check that any external fixings for light fittings, TV aerial brackets, hanging baskets etc. are correctly sealed, as poorly sealed screws or "Rawl" fixings can provide a pathway for water, especially during heavy rain.
  5. Treat porous masonry and mortar joints with "Kingfisher Extreme Climate", the ultimate extreme weather sealant for brick and stonework. In wet conditions use "Kingfisher Storm Seal" – the only premium water seal you can apply in damp conditions.

Products to Remedy the Problem

Pointing Solution (Waterproofing Admixture)

The indispensable companion to our Quikpoint pointing gun, our mortar waterproofing admixture offers the answer to the age-old problem of crumbling, cracking mortar allowing damp penetration. The unique blend of co-polymers and fungicidal agents produces an outstanding waterproofing Admixture for mortar.

Total:From £35.22
Coloured Pointing Mortar

The combination of fine silica sand and dyes produces a waterproof pointing mortar that offers an exceptionally workable mortar bead. The finished product when using this coloured mortar for pointing is a wall or property enhanced by rich consistent colour.

Extreme Climate - Next Generation  Water Seal

Extreme Climate ONE COAT is a breathable water seal for brick walls, sandstone, limestone, granite etc. This invisible water seal stops lateral penetrating damp using the latest Hydrophobic technology and is the highest performance (100% vapour permeable) water repellent available today.

Total:From £70.50