Problem: How to restore faded limestone paving?

Machine cut imported limestone paving has continued to grow in popularity in recent years and the distinctive charcoal or black versions are particularly “on trend” in current hard landscaping design thinking. However, there is one problem with "black" limestone - and that is it doesn't seem to stay "black" for very long... in fact the deep "black" rapidly fades with weathering to a less attractive grey hue in as little as few months. Whether the culprit is U.V light degradation or rain penetration is probably unimportant, the one question that callers to our advice line ask is; "can faded limestone be fixed???" Well the answer is "yes"...

Solution: How to restore faded limestone paving?

1. Seal new limestone paving with "Kingfisher K-Seal"

Sealing it with Kingfisher "K-Seal" brings out the colour and adds protection because the first coat actually penetrates the substrate of faded limestone whilst the second coat forms a protective seal against the elements, deepening the colour. Beware cheap sealers or "enhancers" - these are often low grade formulations made with "Linseed oil" diluted in recycled white spirit and simply will not provide any longevity. "Kingfisher K-Seal" by contrast is a professional formula acrylic resin suspended in premium virgin solvent.

Ideally you should leave new limestone paving for 4 to 6 weeks before sealing it. This will allow time for any efflorescence (white salts) in the pointing mortar (joints) to develop as the mortar fully cures (approx. 1 inch per month). Wash the paving with warm water and a little soap and rinse thoroughly. Apply the sealer only to a dry surface and in dry conditions with no rain expected.

You can apply by brush but disposable roller works best. Avoid "ponding" of the sealer and read both the product data sheet and safety data sheet carefully before use.

2. Clean existing limestone paving with "Kingfisher Bio-Wash" and seal

Existing limestone paving installations can be revived to their original deep black colour by firstly cleaning the paving. Generously apply "Kingfisher Bio Wash" using a standard garden low pressure pump sprayer (as in for weed killer), using the droplet nozzle rather than the atomizer. This will kill any accumulated green mould on the paving itself and any moss growing in the mortar joints. Leave for 7 to 10 days to activate and then rinse with a pressure washer to remove all traces of organic material.

Allow the paving to dry out completely and then apply two coats of the "Kingfisher K-Seal" as described in 1. Above.

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