Problem: Condensation

Condensation is the most common source of "damp" problems in the home and usually the easiest to diagnose and fix. Condensation is most obvious in bathrooms where you see the moisture droplets forming on your mirror or windows after a hot bath or shower. Water turns into vapour when it is heated and turns back into water drops as it cools (hits your cold mirror). If you open a window the condensation rapidly vanishes because the draught of dry air blows the steamy damp air outside. What else causes condensation?

  • Kitchen: Boiling vegetables, Kettle Steam, Washing up etc.
  • Utility Room: Drier vent not connected to outside, washing clothes.
  • Living Areas: Drying Clothes on radiators and even breathing.
  • Fitting double glazing without providing additional ventilation.
  • Fitting insulation without providing adequate ventilation.

Checklist for condensation:

  1. Water droplets form on ceiling?
  2. Mould on ceiling and walls?
  3. Mould behind furniture placed against the wall.
  4. Stuffy, damp atmosphere in the house.
  5. Problem is noticeably worse in winter months.

Solution: Condensation

  1. Improve ventilation by:
    1. Ensuring all brick vents in the house are free of blockages. (We often seal these up as they are a source of cold draughts or we park furniture in front of them). Try fitting modern energy efficient vents.
    2. Open a window to improve through airflow, especially if cooking, doing laundry or bathing.
    3. Ensure "trickle vents" in double glazed windows and doors are kept open.
    4. Replace tired extractor fans with new or consider fitting one of the efficient modern "heat exchanger" models which remove moist air but with minimal heat loss.
  2. Re-decorate with mould intolerant paint:
    1. Kill any accumulated black mould with "Kingfisher Mould Cure".
    2. Apply two coats of emulsion with "Kingfisher Anti-Mould Paint Additive" or "Thermapaint" which is ideal for cold outside walls. "Thermapaint" is used by both local authorities and private landlords to treat persistent problem areas. It is easily applied to the walls by a roller or brush in the same way as a normal emulsion and is now available in an attractive array of Lakeland colours.

Products to Remedy the Problem

Thermapaint Anti-Mould Paint

Choosing an effective anti-mould paint has always meant sacrificing colour choice in favour of technical performance. But with Kingfisher’s hand-made batch sizes, allied to our unique “Thermapaint” formula and stunning “Lakes & Fells” pigments, you get proven mould control without compromising on colour or finish.

Total:From £32.34
Anti-Mould Paint (Fungicidal Paint)

If your walls or ceiling are suffering from unsightly black spot mould growth, our matt finish Anti-Mould Paint is the answer. It goes on easily by brush or roller, just like a standard emulsion but creates an invisible fungicidal film that fungal infections simply cannot tolerate. Remove mould permanently and break the re-decoration cycle!

Total:From £35.80
Mould Cure (Black Mould Remover)

Kingfisher Mould Cure has been carefully formulated to address the problem of black mould growth. Unlike bleach and other conventional cleaners, Mould Cure contains fungicides which target and neutralise mould spores more effectively.