Problem: What happens if I don’t seal my concrete?

Unsealed concrete is a porous material that freely absorbs liquids and is therefore vulnerable to unsightly staining from oils, chemicals, animal waste, moulds and much more besides. As an absorbent material, it is also vulnerable to frost damage in the freeze/ thaw cycle and is readily eroded by de-icing salts. Dry, unsealed concrete can be a source of invasive nuisance dust.

Solution: What happens if I don’t seal my concrete?

1. Clear Solvent Acrylic Sealer (Kingfisher Ultimate Topcoat)

Solvent acrylic resin sealers are the professional’s choice in superior concrete protection. One coat penetrates into the concrete substrate, where the resin sets and stabilises the absorbent surface. A second coat builds a durable protective non-yellowing finish. Eliminates dust and hardens the surface.

2. Water Based Acrylic Sealer (Kingfisher 1 Coat Dust Proofer)

A low odour surface binding sealer which seals the surface and suppresses dust in one easy application. Ideal for domestic garages and areas where non-taint finishes are required.

3. Epoxy Sealers & Coatings (Kingfisher Epoxy Floor Paint)

Water based 2-pack epoxy coatings offer superb protection & decoration to concrete surfaces, providing complete encapsulation of dust particles and unrivalled durability and depth of colour compared with conventional floor paints, which often flake and have limited abrasion resistance. Kingfisher Epoxy Floor Paint offers excellent abrasion resistance making it the perfect choice for high traffic areas where pallet trolleys and fork-lifts are operating.

Being water-based and non-taint, Kingfisher epoxy floor paint minimises disruption when applied in food prep areas, medical and animal environments with its signature low odour characteristics. Water based epoxy coatings are also resistant to a wide range of chemicals including hydraulic fluids, making them a natural choice for: garages, factories, warehouses, schools, healthcare facilities, veterinary surgeries, kennels, milking parlours, showrooms, workshops and many other areas.

Products to Remedy the Problem

Ultimate Topcoat (Solvent Based Concrete Sealer)

Ultimate versatility for interior AND exterior applications. Ultimate performance for sealing and concrete surface hardening. Ultimate Topcoat (Solvent Based Concrete Sealer) is our premier sealer for all types of concrete flooring, stamped (imprinted) concrete, block paving and natural paving. We simply make it with the best resins and use the highest proportion of those resins to achieve superior finish, durability and lifespan. Satin Sheen finish.

Total:From £39.40
One Coat Dust Proofer (Water Based)

Kingfisher "One Coat Dust Proofer" works on both established and new concrete floors locking away dust and hardening the surface. This outstanding concrete floor dustproofer will help tackle the problems caused by concrete dust release.

Total:From £29.87
Epoxy Floor Paint

Superior two pack epoxy, coloured floor coating formulated for application to concrete, cement and non-ferrous metals. The flooring professional’s choice for heavy traffic areas requiring chemical resistance with a showroom quality, non-slip, satin finish.