Masonry Water Seals

Why coat the exterior walls of our house with Kingfisher water seal products?

Extreme Climate - masonry water repellent

Applying water seal treatments to your exterior masonry and stonework will benefit your home in a number of ways. The most important among these include:

Protection against structural damage to your brickwork

Over time natural weathering gradually degrades the face of most bricks, stone and mortar joints. Once the surface is wet and holding water, it becomes vulnerable to the freeze/thaw cycle and cracks often form in bricks and pointing leading to further moisture penetration and more retained moisture in the wall. Such "porous" walls readily soak in water which eventually penetrates right through to the interior walls where it typically shows up as damp patches on your plaster after heavy rain. By applying a kingfisher water seal you will protect your building from weathering and the destructive effects of this "lateral" penetrating damp.

Reduce the effects of moulds, mosses, weathering and efflorescence on your masonry

These treatments not only benefit your building structurally but they can also greatly improve your homes aesthetic appeal by inhibiting the growth of mosses & green mould, which deprived of moisture grow much less aggressively.

In addition, our products have been used to successfully treat the unsightly efflorescent white salts or "white fur" staining which often appears on brick-built properties. (Salts are naturally present in sand, cement, and the clay used in brick manufacture). Brick Efflorescence occurs as water soaks into the bricks and mortar joints and then evaporates out carrying salt and other minerals to the surface, leaving the unsightly white residue or "fur". Water seal treatments such as Extreme Climate and Superseal prevent this by stopping the water from penetrating the surface of the bricks in the first place. If Efflorescence has already occurred use our Eco-Brick Cleaner to remove them before using a water seal.

reduce home and house heat loss with masonry water seal

Protect your home from heat loss through your walls

Kingfisher's Next Generation Waterseal treatment, "Extreme Climate" can also reduce heat loss in some walls by up to 30%. Thermal heat loss due to water penetration arises because a wet wall is a cold wall - (think of standing on a windy hillside in soaking wet clothing compared to being in a dry, waterproof jacket!). Your home is exactly the same - energy from your heating is effectively being drawn or sapped into the cold, damp wall and wasted in energy transfer as your heating works to evaporate this moisture. By reducing the moisture levels within the walls of your property, water seal treatment reduces this home heat loss and as a result can significantly reduce both your energy costs and your carbon foot print.

Why choose Kingfisher over other brands?

Kingfisher has been developing innovative waterproofing treatments for over fifteen years and as we primarily supply direct to the trade our products are developed with effectiveness in mind and by cutting out the middle man and selling to you direct we can keep our prices low. The result is a range of products you can trust that often have several times the amount of active ingredients compared to many of our competitors. We are so sure that our products will not only help to maintain the structural properties of your brickwork and masonry but also the aesthetics that we can guarantee the effectiveness of some of our treatments for up to 10 years!

Many DIY water seal and water repellent products available leave a plasticy film on the surface that darkens the appearance of your stonework and masonry. Kingfisher water seal products incorporate the latest in water repellent technology, they dry clear, repel dirt, are 100% breathable and are invisible on most surfaces once dry.

Which Product is for me?

Product Selector Extreme Climate Super Seal Storm Seal Silicone Water Rep POAS Water Rep
Repels Water Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Single Coat Application Yes No No No No
Repels Dirt Yes Yes No Yes Yes
Thermal Loss Protection Excellent Excellent Medium Good Good
Lifespan (Years) 10-12 10 2-3 3-5 3-5
Brush/Spray Application Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Breathable 100% Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Fluorocarbon Technology Yes No No No No
Wet Weather Apply No No Yes No No
Coverage (sq m / l) 3-5 3-5 3-5 3 3-5

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