Fibreseal - Roof Repair Compound

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Fibreseal - Roof Repair Compound

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Fibreseal - Roof Repair Compound

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Fibreseal - Roof Repair Compound

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Fibreseal - Roof Repair Compound
Fibreseal - Roof Repair Compound
Fibreseal - Roof Repair Compound
Fibreseal - Roof Repair Compound

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Fibreseal - Roof Repair Compound  

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A super tough, all-weather flat roof repair compound, Fibreseal is a professional roofers repair product. This waterproof sealant for flat roofs comes as a thick fibrous paste which will adhere to any sound, dust-free and non-greasy surface. Ideal for Flat Roof Repairs.Read More

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Coverage:1-2 m2 / kg
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Flat Roof Repair Compound

  • Instant roof repair compound
  • Can be applied in damp conditions & even under water
  • Remedy for leaking roofs and guttering
  • Will adhere to most common roofing materials
  • Easily apply using brush or roller

Fibreseal is the instant flat roof repair compound which is brush applied in just one coat, even in damp conditions. Developed for the repair and maintenance of industrial and commercial flat roofs, our waterproof sealant for flat roofs is endlessly versatile. Use this product to repair asbestos roof sheets, steel profile cladding, felt, and even for lining gutters.

Fibreseal is a thixotropic and highly adhesive acrylic resin paste. It is blended with millions of reinforcing fibres which allow it to effectively bridge small gaps unsupported and larger cracks with fibreglass matting. Our flat roof sealant is instantly waterproof and will not wash off if a rain shower appears before it has cured.

Ideal for Flat Roof Repairs, Felt Roof Repair, Asbestos Repair or Metal Cladding Repair. If you own or maintain any of these roof types, it is the must-have addition to your toolbox.

Waterproof Sealant for Flat Roofs

This high performance flat roof repair compound is perfect for emergency repairs and general maintenance. Flat roofing is challenging for a wide range of roof coatings because of standing water, temperature changes and UV degradation. Your flat roof is constantly being exposed to the harsh British climate. That’s why it is very important that your flat roof is suitably maintained with a high-quality waterproof sealant for flat roofs.

Ensure your roof evades expensive splits, cracks, tears and holes. Our flat roof repair compound is easy to apply and can help you avoid costly roof repairs. Even when it is wet, it will not wash away while curing and waterproofs immediately. We have a wealth of experience manufacturing roof repair products, ensuring quality and durability.


Kingfisher FIBRESEAL is a one component solvent based acrylic roof repair compound. The product has a thixotropic formulation which incorporates tough fibrous strands which reinforce the final coating. Kingfisher FIBRESEAL was developed to be an instant waterproof repair to any leakage and will not wash off, even when wet. The coating will cure in cold and wet conditions. (Under water in extreme cases). The acrylic polymers incorporated in the product are extremely ultra violet light resistant and will not embrittle with age.

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(Refer to these individual product data sheets for detailed application guidance – published on our



Suitable for EXTERNAL maintenance and repair of a wide variety of domestic, commercial, industrial and agricultural buildings including:
• Flat and Pitched Roofs,
• Corrugated Asbestos,
• Roof Lights,
• Flashings, Roofing Felt
• Gutters, Slate, Asphalt,
• Lead, Glasshouses, Metal and Fibreglass.


Advantages & Features

• An instant remedy for leaking roofs and guttering.
• Can be applied successfully in wet conditions.
• Will adhere to most common roofing materials.
• An ideal product for all roof repairs.
• Can be used as a complete roof coating for flat roofs made of roofing felt, asbestos and sheet metal.


Surface Preparation

The surface must be sound and free of loose or friable materials. To obtain the best result remove all surface debris and surface water using a stiff broom and then power wash (except asbestos). Kingfisher FIBRESEAL roof coating can be successfully applied to a damp surface but as with most coatings it is best applied to a dry surface in dry weather conditions. Where the roof is subject to organic growth this should be removed and the surface thoroughly sanitised with “Kingfisher Bio Wash” to protect against re-growth of fungal spores and embedded roots. Any existing coating must be inspected and adhesion tests carried out to ensure that it is a stable surface for the application of Kingfisher FIBRESEAL.



Temporary repairs: -
Kingfisher FIBRESEAL is easily applied using a brush or roller. Treat all details first working thoroughly into hidden crevices and joints. To bridge cracks or where excessive movement may occur, additional reinforcement can be incorporated into the coating by embedding suitable polyester or fibreglass woven fleece between two coats of Kingfisher FIBRESEAL, ensuring that all air bubbles are removed by “stippling in” with the brush. Kingfisher FIBRESEAL can be applied in one coat, but experience has shown that a two coat application ensures greater uniformity of coating thickness.

Whole Roof Membranes: -
The surface must be swept clean of all debris and all surface water removed before being inspected, to ensure that the surface is sound and has no hidden defects. Any lichen, moss or fungal growth must be treated with “Kingfisher Bio Wash”. Holes, cracks, joints, or gaps should be bridged as previously described. Allow repairs to dry and then coat the whole surface with either two thin coats of Kingfisher FIBRESEAL at ½ litre/m² or one thick coat at 1 litre/m². Leave to dry.

Corrugated Iron or Metal Roofs: -
All rust and loose debris should be removed by wire brushing. The whole roof should then be primed using Kingfisher K-X11 and a cement slurry coat (Neat K-X11 mixed with ordinary Portland cement in the ratio 1:1.5) Apply two coats of primer, allowing each coat to cure before applying 1 coat of Kingfisher FIBRESEAL at a rate of 1 litre per m².

Kingfisher FIBRESEAL is waterproof as soon as it is applied and will not wash off but full cure takes 2-3 days depending on temperature. Do not walk on membrane until full cure is obtained.


Product Data

Appearance Grey Colour
Coverage 1 -2m2/litre
Initial Cure 24 Hours @ 20C
Full Cure Up to 72 hours depending on ambient temperature
Clean Up Thinners Kingfisher Solvent No.2
Application Temperature +5C to +30C
Service Temperature -20C to +70C
Fire Resistance Tested to DIN 4102 Part 7
Flashpoint 40C
Solids Content 58% to 62%
Specific Gravity 1.15
Viscosity 10000 to 18000 cPs
Elongation at break 65%
Tensile Strength 13.2kg/m2
Moisture Vapour Transmission Rate 4.5g/m2/24 hours
Ageing & Heat Resistance QUV Weatherometer 12000 hours



Kingfisher FIBRESEAL in its liquid form is hazardous to the aquatic environment so must be handled responsibly. Empty and dry residue containers can be disposed of at an ordinary refuse tip. All remaining material in the container must be fully cured, (e.g. by painting out onto waste cardboard or similar) before disposal.



Store in original packaging in a cool dry place away from ignition sources, out of direct sunlight and protect from frost. Keep out of reach of children.


Shelf Life

The product has a shelf life of 9 months from the date of manufacture, subject to correct storage conditions.


Important Note

“Fibreglass compatibility”. This product will bond tenaciously to most fibreglass roof sheets and roof “lights” installed in pitched roof scenarios. However, some fibreglass or “GRP” flat roofing systems include a hard resin “Top Coat” of a density and smoothness which inhibits the adhesion of remedial coatings. Such surfaces can be machined (with coarse grit paper) to improve “key” but adhesion integrity and lifespan can be unpredictable compared to more porous substrates. Application to such impervious surfaces is at user’s own risk.


Health & Safety

• Wear disposable gloves and overalls during preparation and application.
• Avoid contact with skin and eyes.
• If contact occurs wash immediately with plenty of water.
• Keep out of reach of children.
• Ensure good ventilation during application and drying.

Before using this product read the Material Safety Data Sheet which can be obtained at or by calling the Kingfisher Technical Dept. Tel: 01229 869 100.

The information given in this product data sheet is given in good faith, based on current knowledge and experience. It relates only to the specific material designated and may not be valid for such material used in combination with any other materials or in any process. Such information is to the best of the company’s knowledge and belief, accurate as of the date indicated. All recommendations are made without warranty or guarantee, as to accuracy, reliability or completeness since the conditions of use are beyond our control. It is the user’s responsibility to satisfy themselves as to the suitability and application of such information for their own use.

Best by far

Tried for many years to seal my leaking concrete garage roof with various bitumen based products. Always short lived and never 100% effective. Then discovered Kingfisher Fibreseal. Absolutely brilliant. Took time to apply properly but the results are amazing and been nearly a year now without a leak. Just about to apply a second coat just to be certain over the winter. Have applied to my son's roof with same excellent results. Fully recommended.


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Too early to say

Not the easiest stuff to put on, but that said, it went a lot further than I was expecting. It's too early to say, as it is summer, but looks to have done a good job.


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