Epoxy Pond Paint

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Epoxy Pond Paint

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Epoxy Pond Paint
Epoxy Pond Paint

Epoxy Pond Paint  

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Kingfisher Epoxy Pond Paint is a high-quality universal water-based pond sealant paint, designed for easy and safe application. Our waterproof pond paint will provide a tough, durable finish and is non-toxic once it has cured.Read More

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Coverage:3-5 m2 / L
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Waterproof Pond Paint

  • High quality water-based epoxy resin coating
  • Designed specifically for ponds
  • Tough, durable & waterproof finish
  • Non-toxic once cured
  • Apply with brush or roller

Please note this product is not to be used on established ponds with fish in”

Kingfisher Epoxy Pond Paint is a high-quality universal water-based pond sealant paint. It is designed for easy and safe application to ponds. This waterproof pond paint possesses most of the properties of standard epoxy resins.

Although, our pond sealant paint has the added advantage of its tolerance to wet pond conditions. Once applied, the pond paint will provide a tough, durable finish. once it has cured, it is completely waterproof and non-toxic.

Pond Sealant Paint

Apply our pond sealant today to form a tough coating that protects the surface of your pond. Five kilograms of epoxy pond paint will cover most internal and external ponds, ensuring your pond is easy to clean. Having the ability to be applied on almost any surface, this pond waterproofing coating is very easy to apply. Perfect for building and refurbishing ponds, it can even be applied to damp and smooth surfaces.

Our epoxy pond paint has been developed and extensively tested by us to ensure we provide the finest product. As a waterproof paint for fish ponds, it is second to none, protecting and lengthening your ponds lifespan. Order this waterproof pond paint online today to give you a beautiful, clean pond that you can be proud of.

2 coats required


Kingfisher “Epoxy Pond Paint” is a premium, water-based epoxy resin finish for the waterproofing, protection and decoration of a variety of water retaining structures including fish ponds, fish tanks, water storage tanks and aqua-ducts/channels. The non-toxic and non-taint formulation dries to an extremely tough satin finish with a slight “sheen”. It is supplied as a 2 part product (resin and activator), conveniently packed in generously proportioned containers to facilitate ease of mixing. Easy to apply on concrete, waterproof cement renders (polymer modified) and cementitious tanking.

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• Kingfisher “K-X11 Waterproof Admixture”
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(Refer to these individual product data sheets for detailed application guidance – published on our website www.kingfisheruk.com)



For providing a durable protective coating to mainly mineral substrates in a variety of immersion, partial immersion and moisture splash zone applications. Being water-based and non-taint when cured, Kingfisher “Epoxy Pond Paint”:

a) Provides a waterproof neutral coating which is not injurious to fish, amphibians or aquatic plant life.
b) Provides a durable, wipe clean surface for water storage tanks that may require regular cleaning in both
domestic and commercial environments.

Typical applications include:
• Concrete fish ponds
• Tanked brick or block fish ponds
• Water storage tanks – industrial (including cooling up to 50 deg C)
• Water features
• Potable water storage tanks

If in doubt, please call our technical services department on 01229 869 100 for guidance.



Kingfisher “Epoxy Pond Paint” is an easy-to-use water-based formula, using the latest epoxy resin technology to create a product with the following advantages:
• Super-tough 2 pack formula creates an exceptionally durable surface finish
• Dries in as little as 8 hours
• Excellent abrasion resistance
• Can be applied to damp surfaces
• Easy clean when applied to smooth surfaces
• Stunning depth of colour
• Easy to apply by brush or roller
• Non-taint & Non-toxic (water-based)
• Low odour & solvent free


Surface Preparation

1. Clean the surface
To ensure that Kingfisher “Epoxy Pond Paint” keys to the substrate, the surface must firstly be cleansed of all dirt, organic matter and other surface laitance. If necessary use Kingfisher “Bio Wash” agent to thoroughly de-contaminate organic growth such as moulds or moss. Acid-etch new concrete as required. Flaking paint should be removed by abrasion or wire brushing. If the surface is dusty this should ideally be vacuumed to remove fine particles.

2. Surface repairs
It is often only after cleaning that the full extent of required repairs becomes obvious. Fill any minor holes in concrete with a repair mortar of sand, cement, fine aggregate and “Kingfisher K-X11” mixed with 4 parts water. Larger holes may require our “Kingfisher Tuff Patch” epoxy repair. Minor cracks, sometimes referred to as “hairline” cracks (up to 1.5mm wide) can be filled
with our polymer sealant.

3. Salt (Efflorescence) Treatment
In repair scenarios where salt contamination is evident (e.g. hygroscopic salts below ground) or where salt water has been present, the substrate must be neutralised by pre-treating with “Kingfisher Anti-Sulphate Solution” to avoid delamination resultant from chloride/sulphate corrosion.



Kingfisher “Epoxy Pond Paint” should always be applied in TWO coats where it is a finished surface coating.

a) Brush Application: Apply using standard painting techniques but use only premium grade brushes suitable for use with epoxy resin. Budget range brushes will shed their bristles spoiling the finish.

b) Roller Application: Use a standard medium knap roller fixed to a sturdy decorator’s pole and roll the product on in broad sweeps ensuring even coverage.
HINT: In colder months it is advisable to bring Kingfisher “Epoxy Pond Paint” in from cool storage to sit at room temperature for a few hours before use. This aids effective mixing and ease of application.

Mixing: Pour the “Part A” activator material into the “Part B” resin material and using a variable low speed stirrer, mix the two together for 4-5 minutes and until a uniform consistency is achieved.

TWO coats of Kingfisher “Epoxy Pond Paint” are normally required to achieve optimum protection. The second coat should only be applied once the first coat is touch dry and not more than 48 hours after first coat application. Pot life when mixed is only 1- 2 hours at +20 °C. If you intend to use less than the full amount in the containers, i.e. if one unit is to do 2 x coats you should first measure equal portions of the resin “Part B” and activator “Part A” into a clean container before mixing.

Kingfisher “Epoxy Pond Paint” should be tack free in 6-8 hours at +20 °C and complete cure is achieved after 2 – 7 days. Note: - The lower the ambient temperature, the longer it will take for the paint to fully cure.

Do not apply when the ambient temperature is below 6°C, over 24 hours.


Clean Up

Brushes can be cleaned in warm soapy water but disposable rollers should be allowed to cure fully before being discarded.


Product Data

Appearance Solid coloured satin finish
Coverage 3-5m2 / litre per coat (2 coats required)
Pot Life Approximately 45 to 60 minutes from initial mixing of activator and resin (200C)
Time Between Coats 6-8 hours at 200C or when touch dry
Application Temperature +60C to +250C
Service Temperature -200C to +500C



Kingfisher “Epoxy Pond Paint” is supplied as a 1 litre tin of “Part A” activator and a 4 litre tin of “Part B” resin.



Store upright in original sealed packaging in a cool dry place, out of direct sunlight, away from sources of ignition and protected from frost. Keep out of reach of children.


Shelf Life

The product has a shelf life of 12 months unopened from the date of manufacture, subject to correct storage conditions.


Health & Safety



Further Health and Safety information on this product is provided in the MSDS, copies of which are available from the Kingfisher Technical Dept Tel. 01229 869100 or Fax 01229 869101

2500 gal Koi pond

Just finished my second coat on my new build pond. Its 11 ft x7 ft by 4 foot deep one 5lt tin per coat just gave a decent covering of my rendered walls. 18 degrees and overcast today first coat was touch dry in 4 hours. second coat went on much easier. Looks good with nice even covering (black) can't comment on the reliability yet but will add to this review in 6 months time.


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Good product. Fast delivery

Very helpful staff. Job done and looks great. Just wish they did in smaller quantities maybe 2.5 ltr which would be really handy as you have to do 2 coats.


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