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Dri-Wall Nozzle (for 1 Litre & 380ml cartridge)

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‣ High quality, hard wearing injector nozzle
‣ For walls up to 9" from one side

Professional applicator nozzles allow Dri-Wall to be injected into brick walls up to 9" (230mm) from one side (18" from both sides).

This injector nozzle is hard wearing and of the finest quality. Use time and time again, while keep consistency of flow during application. Many applicator nozzles you find on the market today are plastic and can be used few times before they will wear down or crack. If you invest a little more with this top of the range nozzle, it won't be something you need to keep purchasing over and over. Kingfisher focus highly on quality and longevity of all products we supply and this quality injector nozzle is no different.

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