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Concrete Curing Compound (K-Seal)

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K-Seal Total Cure (Concrete Curing Agent) is a ready to use clear concrete curing compound, ideal for regulating the curing rate & hydration of new concrete in a variety of environments including industrial flooring, bridge deck repairs, façade maintenance and general concrete repairs. A professional grade concrete curing compound formulated from acrylic resin blended in premium grade solvents to produce a durable non-yellowing finish.

  • Improved concrete strength - promotes even hydration of the concrete by limiting the moisture loss through rapid evaporation
  • Reduced cracking - regulates the curing process, reducing or eliminating cracks caused by drying out too quickly
  • Primer & Sealer - an effective dust sealer (can be used on older concrete) and also serves as excellent primer for many protective / decorative coating systems
  • Specification - meets or exceeds the requirements of ASTM C309 specifically pertaining to the effective control of evaporation: 0.55 Kg / sq metre / 72 hour period

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