Asbestos Garage Roof Coating Kit

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Asbestos Garage Roof Coating Kit

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Asbestos Garage Roof Coating Kit

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Asbestos Garage Roof Coating Kit
Asbestos Garage Roof Coating Kit
Asbestos Garage Roof Coating Kit
Asbestos Garage Roof Coating Kit
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Asbestos Garage Roof Coating Kit  

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Kingfisher Asbestos Roof Coating provides long term water proofing, fibre encapsulation and transformative finish on asbestos cement roofs. Ideal for extending the life of corrugated asbestos cement sheets found on many industrial buildings and older domestic garages. Brush or airless spray application.Read More

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Asbestos Garage Roof Coating Kit 

The kit is a solvent-free system for efficiently cleaning, consolidating, waterproofing and improving the appearance of corrugated asbestos cement roof sheets for up to 10 years.   It is manufactured from polymers selected for their adhesion to porous surfaces and their longevity once cured.

Kit consists of:

• 10 Litre Asbestos Roof Coating
• 5 Litre ready mixed Biocidal Wash
• 5 Litre Asbestos Sealer Primer
• Parabond Sealant 380ml Tube

Each kit will cover approx 22 Sqm. I.e a single car garage size. 

• Seals porous asbestos cement roof sheets, coating the surface with a tough “shell”
• Also suitable for asbestos roof tiles
• Repairs asbestos cement roof leaks
• Decorative satin finish is Ideal for asbestos roof renovation
• Allows you to safely paint asbestos roof sheets, encapsulating harmful fibres
• Provides long term weather protection and colour stability
• Apply by brush or high-pressure spray
• Highly durable weatherproof finish with excellent UV resistance
• Can reduce need for specialist asbestos removal
• Coverage: 4-6m² / litre per coat

Before explaining the benefits of the product, it is worth reflecting on a few points about asbestos cement (AC) roofing which explain why the material might be worth saving in the first place.  Leaving aside for a moment the very real health concerns associated with its original manufacture and installation, AC sheets were hugely successful for the following reasons:

a)  They were and are a highly durable material.
b)  They were extremely versatile
c)  Compared to corrugated tin sheets they were quieter in heavy rain
d)  They did not suffer from condensation in winter

This last point is really important because compared to corrugated “tin” or steel box profile AC sheets do not “rain” condensation in cold weather.   Many people have replaced asbestos roofs with steel sheeting only to regret the decision.  Of course the modern equivalent of AC is cement fibre sheeting but these are usually more costly to install. 

Kingfisher Asbestos Roof Coating was developed to provide users with 3 x key benefits:





Managing asbestos in buildings is a legislated obligation for property owners and is of particular concern for those involved in letting, occupying, marketing or maintaining commercial and industrial properties.  This is largely because asbestos cement was used very extensively in such buildings for decades, before the full extent of its toxicity was properly understood. 

Asbestos containing materials (ACMs) are also found in domestic flats and houses, although generally to a lesser extent.

As a versatile and heat resistant material, it was used in its varied forms in the manufacture of heat shields, gaskets, heating plant, flooring and roofing to name but a few.  And since it was never going to be practical or indeed necessary to remove all asbestos after it was banned in 1999, the focus since then, has been on managing the risks associated with it, several of which pertain to asbestos cement (AC) roof sheets.   Asbestos Roof Coating can help with managing such risks by acting as a fibre encapsulator, as well as a waterproof finish.


How does it work?

Asbestos Roof Coating is manufactured using premium grade polymers, specially selected for roofing applications requiring exceptional durability, U.V resilience and waterproofing qualities.    As the coating cures it keys to the surface, forming a permanent bond which encapsulates the fibres in the sheet substrate, preventing them from being exposed either by weathering or abrasion.

Use the Asbestos Sealer & Primer to prepare the surface for coating.   It effectively amalgamates the chrysotile fibres, sealing them into the cement-rich substrate.   This improves impact resilience and the overall mechanical strength of the surface, providing a sound base for the subsequent application of Asbestos Roof Coating.

Here in the U.K, asbestos roof sheets were manufactured and installed for most of the 20th Century.   The familiar corrugated profile sheets helped thousands of military buildings to be rapidly assembled in kit form during WW2, and these can still be found to this day, scattered throughout the country.    The point is that asbestos cement roofing (white asbestos) is a very durable material, which in a majority of cases has outlived its anticipated lifespan by decades.  In fact Kingfisher has been involved in supplying sealers and coatings to roofs which date as far back as the 1930s!  This means that building maintenance professionals and property owners are likely to be maintaining asbestos roofs for many years to come and will need technically superior coatings to facilitate that. 


Repair or Replace?

Although the “white asbestos” (chrysotile) used in the manufacture of roofing sheets was the least toxic asbestos variant, it is still has the potential to be hazardous, which is why the management and removal protocols are strictly enforced.   The cost of complete removal and replacement of asbestos cement roof sheets, can therefore be considerable, often prompting stakeholders to consider repair options.

The second option considered, especially in storage or agricultural buildings is to simply replace the asbestos sheets with modern plastisol coated, steel profile sheeting.  However, it is worth remembering that one of the major reasons why asbestos cement roof sheets became so popular in the first place, was that compared to corrugated “tin” (steel profile), they did not suffer from condensation.   By contrast, “tin” roofed buildings famously rained condensation on workers, stock, machinery, farm animals or anything else unfortunate enough to be inside. 

Of course you can opt for composite insulated panels that won’t exhibit condensation but they are at least 2.5 times the cost!  Or you can choose modern cement fibre roof sheets (nearest equivalent to the old AC sheets) but these are also more costly than steel profile.   So for example, if you store your classic car in a garage with an asbestos roof, it may be that this is as at least as good an option as modern cement fibre and definitely better than new steel profile.  Repair & re-coating should at the very least be considered.


How to use Asbestos Roof Coating?

1. “Bio Wash” Roof: (kills moss, green mould & lichens) Liberally spray the entire roof surface with Kingfisher “Bio Wash” using a low pressure sprayer (as for garden weed-killer) and leave for seven days to activate.

2. Clean Roof: (remove debris) Thoroughly damp the roof by mist spraying with water (suppresses release of harmful fibres) and brush/ scrape the dead moss and other surface dirt and laitance into bags for disposal as AC waste. Alternatively for larger areas the “closed box” pressure washing method described in HSE doc A12 can be used but the waste sludge and water run- off have to be collected in the gutters and down pipe.

3. Repair Roof General: Sealers and coatings should only be applied to essentially “sound” roofs so a pre-inspection of the roof structure and surface condition should always be undertaken by a competent person (e.g. experienced roofing contractor or structural engineer) before commencing works. This will determine whether the supporting steel / timbers are in need of repair and identify any cladding / roof sheets which are damaged or decayed beyond practical repair and therefore need complete replacement. In addition this inspection will typically inform the choice of access equipment to be used for safe execution of the works. 

4. Minor Repairs: Any minor cracks or holes, especially around fixings can be filled with “Parabond” hybrid polymer sealant. Cracks of up to 3mm can be successfully filled by applying a bead of “Parabond” along the crack and then pressing / smearing it firmly into the damaged area. 

5. Larger Repairs: Bigger cracks or holes can be bridged with “Kingfisher Fibreseal” fibre reinforced roofing compound & “Kingfisher Scrim Mesh”. 

6. Primer: Apply one coat of Kingfisher Asbestos Sealer & Primer by brush or low pressure (non-atomising) spray to consolidate and harden the substrate.

7.  Application: Apply 2 x coats of Asbestos Roof Coating by brush or high pressure airless sprayer.  Cut-in edges and around detailing such as roof-lights, vents etc. with a premium grade paint brush.  Generally allow 6 to 8 hours between coats although in warm conditions this may be reduced to as little as two hours.   If applying by sprayer, ideally use a 17 thou tip blade (nozzle size) and set the output pressure to 2500 psi.


How much will I need?

The coverage rate is 4 to 6 sq m per litre, so a 10 litre pail treats approximately 50 sq m.


a) Do not apply to damp surfaces or in wet weather
b) Always consult a competent Health & Safety professional for guidance on working at height, especially on fragile surfaces like AC sheeting.
c) Ensure you inform yourself regarding correct PPE and waste disposal protocols for working with asbestos cement roof sheets.


Technical Support

As always we recommend that you read the Technical Data Sheet & Safety Data Sheet thoroughly before commencing any work.  If in doubt please call us for advice, we are here to help.

Issues such as water damage, or water seeping through the underlying and building architecture can occur if an asbestos garage roof is left untreated. Even areas around asbestos sheets such as flashings can be restored using this waterproof roof paint. If you need more information on how our Asbestos Garage Roof Coating Kit can help you, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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