Acrypol Scrim Mesh 150mm x 20m

Acrypol Scrim Mesh 150mm x 20m

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Acrypol flexible reinforcement mesh can be incorporated into one application of ACRYPOL+ to bridge over major splits and cracks in roofs and gutters.

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Acrypol Scrim Mesh can be used with Kingfisher Fibreseal to reinforce:
‣ Splits and holes in Asbestos sheets
‣ Laps in Asbestos sheets
‣ Roof fixings
‣ Cracks, splits and holes in gutters
‣ Joints in gutters
‣ Splits in roof lights
‣ Splits and cracks in metal roofs
‣ Cracks in glass
‣ Splits in Asphalt and felt
‣ Splits in single ply and fibreglass roofs
(Subject to compatibility test)

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works well

I had a big crack on my asdetos garage roof. Kingfisher recommended I use this with their Fibreseal. Worked a treat. Godd product and good advice.


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