Acrypol Scrim Mesh 150mm x 20m

Acrypol Scrim Mesh 150mm x 20m  

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Acrypol flexible reinforcement mesh can be incorporated into one application of ACRYPOL+ to bridge over major splits and cracks in roofs and gutters. This roof repair scrim is unrivalled for bridging gaps and cracks in roofing and guttering.Read More

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A super tough, all-weather flat roof repair compound, Fibreseal is a professional roofers repair product. This waterproof sealant for flat roofs comes as a thick fibrous paste which will adhere to any sound, dust-free and non-greasy surface. Ideal for Flat Roof Repairs.

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Roof Repair Scrim

Acrypol Scrim Mesh can be used with Kingfisher Fibreseal to reinforce:

  • Splits and holes in Asbestos sheets
  • Laps in Asbestos sheets
  • Roof fixings
  • Cracks, splits and holes in gutters
  • Joints in gutters
  • Splits in roof lights
  • Splits and cracks in metal roofs
  • Cracks in glass
  • Splits in Asphalt and felt
  • Splits in single ply and fibreglass roofs

(Subject to compatibility test)

Kingfishers roof repair scrim immediately repairs roofing and guttering and is second to none for bridging gaps and cracks. Whether you are a commercial or domestic customer, this product is perfect for the job. This scrim mesh is gaining in popularity because of its outstanding adhesion at an excellent price.

Flat Roof Scrim

The application of Acrypol Scrim Mesh will help to repair major splits and cracks in roofs and gutters. Wherever you need extra protection or reinforcement to your roof, our flat roof scrim will always impress. This high-quality roof repair scrim can be cut easily using scissors and forms well into most roofing materials. Because it is very thin, it can be absorbed into a single coat with no obvious seams or laps.

If you are looking to prevent water leaking from your roof, we highly recommend you use this product with Fibreseal. The strength and flexibility that this roof repair scrim offers are unrivalled. It offers outstanding waterproofing properties that are superior to most similar products.

Needed for big cracks

This was totally needed for covering the bigger cracks. Tough, but easy to use. And plenty left over for the next repair.


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works well

I had a big crack on my asdetos garage roof. Kingfisher recommended I use this with their Fibreseal. Worked a treat. Godd product and good advice.


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