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Wood Preserver

Coverage: 3-4 sq m / litre
Application: Brush or Spray

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Total: 19.92 Inc VAT/£16.60 Ex VAT

WOOD PRESERVER is a solvent free, low odour solution based on Micro-fine active technology. The fungicides and algaecides present in these formulations are finely dispersed so that wood penetration and hence effectiveness is much greater than standard wood preservation products. In addition, the use of ultra-light fast pigments on the coloured variants give an even fade resistant finish which will last for years.

WOOD PRESERVER is fast drying and non-flammable; and application to wet timbers is possible without loss of performance. It is specifically designed to deeply penetrate all wood and joinery to give long lasting protection from damage caused by wet rot, dry rot, decay and fungi.

  • Sheds & Gazebos
  • Garden Furniture (Softwood)
  • Decking
  • Fences & Gates
  • Primary preservative treatment for new timber installations
  • Water repellent technology built in

    Which Type Should I Choose?
    Wood Preserver - Clear: For use on interior or exterior rough sawn or planed timber such as floorboards, joists, roof timbers, window frames and doors. This product is an ideal pre-treatment which may be over painted, varnished, or stained when dry (allow 48 hours drying time), but on interior applications, it may also be left as the final finish for a natural wood effect. However, when used externally, over painting/staining is required, as this product does not repel water.
    NOTE: product is milky out of the can drying clear

    Wood Preserver - Fir Green, Dark Oak, Golden Chestnut & Red Cedar: Ideal for general use on rough sawn or planed timber such as window frames, fences, sheds, cladding, horticultural timber, roof timber, joists etc. Fir Green is particularly useful for easy identification of treated timbers and horticultural work. These colours can be over painted, stained or varnished later if required.

    Better how exactly?
    1. Treats Timber Faster
    This particular micro-emulsion has been developed to carry the "actives" (Permethrin, Propiconazole & IPBC) into the timber substrate quickly. Both the Wood Preserver and the Triple Action formulas absorb VERY quickly, achieving effective penetration in 3 to 5 minutes, outperforming traditional water-based and solvent-based formulations.
    2. Well-dispersed Active Ingredients
    The formulations contain optimal amounts of fungicide and insecticide which the micro-emulsion delivers uniformly into the timber substrate.
    3. No swelling / expansion
    A criticism of water-based timber treatments was always that in order to effectively treat a window frame for example, it might have to be submerged in the dipping tank for hours. This inevitably caused the timber to swell, expanding joints and compromising fit tolerances. However, these micro-emulsion formulae absorb in minutes, eliminating prolonged immersion.
    4. Stable Colours
    The formulation of the Wood Preserver colours involved extensive testing to select stable pigments, compatible with the micro-emulsion.
    5. Fully HSE Certified
    These products all carry full and current HSE certification. Be advised some competitors are still advertising products which are actually listed as certificate revoked on the HSE website and therefore illegal.

    Remember computer screens and printers do not interpret colour consistently so we recommend that you order a tester before making your final colour choice.
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