Whatever the Weather - TV Campaign

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Kingfisher “Whatever the Weather” TV Campaign

Here at Kingfisher, we are excited to announce the launch of our new “Weatherflex” masonry coating advert, created for T.V and social media. This project began as loosely formed idea last autumn, which led to us seeking out a creative team to help us develop our “Whatever the Weather” concept and bring it vividly to life.

Initial Storyboards

We are intensely proud of our Cumbrian heritage, which is woven into the DNA of almost everything we manufacture. So, we were clear from the outset that the landscape should feature strongly in the production, along with the challenging conditions against which “Weatherflex” has been developed for almost three decades.

It was a big “ask” to combine all of these elements into a 30 second ad, but we are delighted with the end result, and we thank all of our customers who have made this possible by supporting Kingfisher over the years. As a small Cumbrian manufacturer competing against bigger corporate rivals, our point of difference is quality and superior performance, and we love that you appreciate this and spread the word – “Whatever the Weather”

On Set Shots

Thank you.