Weatherflex Textured Premium Masonry Coating
Weatherflex Textured Premium Masonry Coating
Weatherflex Textured Premium Masonry Coating
Weatherflex Textured Premium Masonry Coating
Weatherflex Textured Premium Masonry Coating
Weatherflex Textured Premium Masonry Coating
Weatherflex Textured Premium Masonry Coating
Weatherflex Textured Premium Masonry Coating
Weatherflex Textured Premium Masonry Coating
Weatherflex Textured Premium Masonry Coating
Weatherflex Textured Premium Masonry Coating
Weatherflex Textured Premium Masonry Coating
Weatherflex Textured Premium Masonry Coating
Weatherflex Textured Premium Masonry Coating
Weatherflex Textured Premium Masonry Coating
Weatherflex Textured Premium Masonry Coating
Weatherflex Textured Premium Masonry Coating
Weatherflex Textured Premium Masonry Coating

Please Note: Computer screens and printers do not render colour consistently. Our “Lakes and Fells Collection” colours are made to order (Excepting White & Magnolia) so ordering a tester pot is highly recommended to check your colour preference accurately, before making your final choice.

Weatherflex Textured Premium Masonry Coating  

Lakes & Fells Collection
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A high performance, breathable masonry coating, developed over three decades in the challenging environment of the Lake District. Professional and amateur users alike simply love applying Weatherflex because it covers beautifully on brick, stone and rendered surfaces.Read More

Coverage:5-6 m2 / litre
Application:Brush or Roller
Choose from 72 colours:

The colours shown here are dependent upon screen settings or monitor calibration, they are a guide only. The actual colour may vary.

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Whatever the Weather

Available in a stunning range of contemporary colours from our “Lakes & Fells” collection, Weatherflex is a superior matt finish, exterior masonry paint, suitable for application to almost all types of masonry and mineral based surfaces.   It has three key features:  

Flexibility – The elasticity of the formulation imparts superior crack-bridging qualities during application and once cured, allows the waterproof exterior coating to move with the expansion and contraction of the substrate.  This characteristic absorbs seasonal extremes of temperature and prevents unsightly flaking or delamination, providing better performance.

Durability – The materials which make up Weatherflex are carefully selected for their long-term performance, to create a waterproof masonry paint that performs in extreme conditions.   

Breathability – Microporous finish keeps the water out, whilst allowing the substrate to “breathe” or evaporate moisture.

From day one, Weatherflex was focussed on performance, largely because it was part of a portfolio of Kingfisher products being used in the growing barn conversion movement sweeping our home county of Cumbria, as well as further afield to the neighbouring Dales.  If the Kingfisher damp proofing and tanking systems had to be first class to dry out a century old cow byre, then the exterior coating had to be even classier!

Today Weatherflex is still a relatively hand-made product, being manufactured in modest batch sizes but the improvements have never stopped.  As a small, independent manufacturer we have the luxury of prioritising quality and innovation over cost.  Accordingly our reputation has grown organically, to the point where Weatherflex has built a loyal following far beyond the rainy Fells that spawned it.  From the Welsh valleys to the Outer Hebrides, people depend on Weatherflex waterproof paint, whatever the weather.

•    Effortlessly outperforms standard masonry paints
•    Apply to brick, stone, concrete block, concrete, render, pebbledash and more
•    Contemporary & harmonious “Lakes & Fells” colour palette
•    Water based, non-toxic and non-taint
•    15-year lifespan
•    Damp proof exterior wall paint, stops rainwater penetration
•    A masonry paint that is breathable   
•    Suitable for internal and external applications
•    Washable waterproof masonry paint
•    Fills hairline cracks to limit damage from freeze/thaw cycle
•    Reduces internal condensation problems by warming external walls


How does it work?

Weatherflex is made to perform in nature’s extremes but what does that actually mean for the majority of urban situations?   In a word reliability.  Manufactured using only the finest materials, including superior grade polymers and U.V stable pigments, it is a product of extremes which will last longer, retain colour better, hold back damp and leave you free to think about more important things.   

Weatherflex protects thousands of building exteriors including:

•    Townhouses, villas, terraces and bungalows
•    Lighthouses
•    Barn conversions
•    Stone built cottages
•    Commercial & industrial
•    Churches
•    Coastal homes
•    Shopfronts
•    Restaurants

Interior applications include:

•    Domestic garages
•    Commercial garages
•    Showrooms
•    Gymnasia
•    Commercial letting units
•    Warehouses & Manufacturing
•    Milking parlours (washable)
•    Kennels (washable)
•    Bars & restaurants

Being a water-based formulation, it is low odour and non-toxic which makes it easy to use both internally and externally.  When you open the bucket, it has a reassuringly thick, creamy consistency which gives the first clue to the high solids content.  Load your brush or roller and Weatherflex covers effortlessly, showcasing the adhesive quality of the high-bond polymer.  As an exterior waterproof paint it is peerless in performance but is equally at home providing a durable interior finish that can be cleaned or washed down.  

The flexibility of the cured finish is also derived from our choice of polymer, which gives the product its exceptional “flex” or elasticity (over 100%).   This also provides the non-shrink characteristics, which fill and cover hairline cracks so effectively.

“Breathability” is often held up us a must-have feature in exterior coatings, and it is true that the ability to allow latent moisture to escape freely from the substrate is important.  However, our field trials revealed that some exterior coatings push this line to the point where water-proofing is compromised.  As with so many things, it is a matter of getting the balance right, and this is where we believe Weatherflex scores with ideal levels of micro-porosity, coupled with weather protection that prevents moisture ingress in the first place.


How to use Weatherflex

Surfaces should be generally clean, dry and free of grease, oil, flaking paint and other contaminants.

Surface Preparation
1)  Cleaning:  Wash away loose dirt using clean water with a scrubbing brush and mild detergent as required and allow the surface to dry
2) Remove loose paint:  Either chemically with paint stripper, grit blasting or with a wire brush and scraper. It is not necessary to remove all existing paint, just the loose
3) Neutralise Moss & Mould: Where green mould, lichens and moss have taken hold, spray or sponge thoroughly with Kingfisher Bio Wash to neutralise
4) Make good pointing & render damage: Carefully examine the mortar joints or render for signs of decay and rake out any crumbly areas, then re-point adding Kingfisher Pointing Solution to the mix for waterproofing, flexibility and adhesion
5) Stabilising & Priming: Where stone, brick or mortar may be slightly friable or “soft”, such surfaces should be primed with Weatherflex Stabilising Solution to harden the surface and improve the adhesion of the Weatherflex coating

Stir thoroughly before use.  Typical coverage is 5 to 6 sq m / litre on textured and porous surfaces and on smooth surfaces may cover considerably further (8 to 10 sq m / litre).  

For best results a minimum of 2 x coats should be applied.   Further coats may be required to obliterate strong background colours or surface staining. If using a roller, apply in broad even sweeps, overlapping to ensure full coverage.    Detailing around window reveals and doors should be ideally be “cut in” with a two inch premium brush or similar.  

Time spent masking off windows and other vulnerable areas will be repaid with fast application times and crisp, sharp lines.



a) Do not apply in temperatures below 7 °C or if wall surface temperature exceeds 32 °C.
b) Do not apply in wet conditions or if rain is expected within 24 hours of application
c) Do not apply to damp surfaces
d) Where salt contamination is detected, pre-treat with Kingfisher Eco-Brick Cleaner

Technical Support

As always we recommend that you read the Technical Data Sheet & Safety Data Sheet thoroughly before commencing any work.  If in doubt please call us for advice, we are here to help.

Covered brilliantly

I loved the fact that it was delivered with no unnecessary packaging and the choice of colours in this range is amazing. We used the pre-treatment on the areas with old render on as well as the plain brick and it really seemed to help. Brilliant coverage, we shall see how it stands up to the copious amount of rain we have in wales but so far so good, looks brilliant!


Reviewed by

Great paint wet or sunny

Used on property in wet Wales and took paint in car to our villa near Malaga., after 5 years still adhered well, no mold or fade or flake in the sun Excellent paint in wet or dry.


Reviewed by

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