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Reduce Heat Loss by up to 20%

Thermapaint Insulating Emulsion Paint is the ideal solution for warming up cold rooms and improving the thermal efficiency of your home.

How Thermapaint works

Conventional insulation works by SLOWING the rate of thermal transfer through walls and ceilings but Thermapaint's microspheres PREVENT heat from transmitting to the cold wall in the first place. Thermapaint is manufactured using millions of tiny hollow ceramic spheres, each of which is an individual vacuum. The significance of this is simply that heat cannot pass through a vacuum (think of a Thermos flask). The microspheres in Thermapaint are therefore non-conductive so the heat has nowhere to go except back into the room! Note: turning your thermostat down by 1 degree saves around £50 / year on your heating bills. For more information, contact the Energy Saving Trust (EST).

Applying Thermapaint Insulating Emulsion

Thermapaint Insulating Emulsion Paint is a non-hazardous water-based emulsion which has a very slight textured finish when dry. (Note: the microspheres are about the size of a fine sand grain). Thermapaint can be applied by brush or roller in exactly the same way as conventional paint and is extremely easy to work with. Two coats are required to achieve maximum thermal efficiency and best decorative coverage.