Thermapaint Damp Proof Membrane

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Thermapaint Damp Proof Membrane

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Thermapaint Damp Proof Membrane
Thermapaint Damp Proof Membrane

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Thermapaint Damp Proof Membrane  

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All of the water proofing benefits of our Damp Guard Liquid Membrane but with the added feature of anti-condensation technology. Thermapaint – Damp Proof Membrane (DPM) is ideal for cold external walls, basements, subterranean garages and many more situations where both damp ingress and condensation control are required.Read More

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Coverage:4-6 m2 / litre
Application:Brush or Roller
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Thermapaint - Damp Proof Membrane

Much more than a damp proof paint!

Manufactured from premium latex copolymers Thermapaint DPM is a unique formulation which combines the outstanding waterproofing of a premium liquid membrane with our thermal ceramic microspheres.   This creates an easy-to-apply, thermally modified damp proof coating, which out-performs conventional damp proof paints in the suppression of condensation and penetrating dampness.  It is brush or roller applied (similar consistency to masonry paint) to produce a damp proof and vapour proof membrane.

•    Innovative hybrid formula stops both damp & condensation
•    Improves insulation in heated spaces
•    Seals penetrating damp on interior walls and ceilings in just two coats
•    Reduces condensation on cold outside walls
•    Can be applied to damp (mechanically stable) surfaces
•    Over-paintable with decorative emulsion
•    Ready-to-use formula, straight from the container
•    Available in a range of FOUR colours
•    Semi-sheen finish
•    Non-solvent aqueous formula
•    U.V resistant, so doesn’t require protection from sunlight
•    Bonds tenaciously with concrete, brick, blockwork, plaster board, lead and plywood

How does it work?

Thermapaint DPM bonds into the surface by cross linking with moisture in the substrate, enhancing adhesion at a molecular level.  It is highly elastic which makes it less vulnerable to temperature related expansion and contraction, as well as movement occasioned by changes in background hydrostatic pressure (e.g. as the water table rises or falls).  Additionally, the vacuum ceramic microspheres reduce “cold transfer” just enough to raise the surface temperature to a level whereby airborne moisture is less likely to condense on it. 

These attributes combined produce a unique multi-purpose liquid DPM with dozens of potential applications including but not limited to:  

•    Damp proofing storage basements, where other tanking methods too costly
•    Damp proof paint for walls and ceilings
•    Concrete Floors:  as a tough liquid floor DPM applied above or below screeds.  Note: If applied on top of a screed, requires impact protection in the form  of a “floating” floor or specialist overlay membrane
•    Stain blocking e.g. around fireplaces
•    Lift pit repairs & damp stairwells
•    Create an anti-condensation paint finish on cold external or under-ground walls
•    For damp proofing walls partially below ground level
•    Waterproofing garage inspection pits
•    Generally as a damp proofing membrane or anti-condensation layer
•    Stain obliteration:  Covers up unsightly damp stains on painted surfaces

Basements and other underground structures affected by freely flowing water (even if only a trickle) are technically distinct from mildly damp basements in terms of waterproofing.   The hydrostatic (water) pressures involved can vary significantly and we recommend that you contact our technical department for guidance to ensure that the correct product or combination of products is selected for your project.  

How to use the Thermapaint DPM damp proof paint

Surface Preparation

To achieve the best results from Thermapaint Damp Proof Membrane the background surfaces should be as smooth as possible and masonry should be flush pointed (level with the brick or stone face) and deeper defects made good.   The surface needs to be clean, sound and free from dust, delaminating paint, bitumen residues, loose materials or free surface water.  

No priming is necessary but to improve adhesion to dry backgrounds, spray mist or wet the surface with clean water, so that it is moderately damp but free from any water glistening on the surface.  This aids wetting out of the background.   Ensure any surface laitance is removed (by mechanical abrasion), especially from new concrete floors or screeds.

In below ground areas or where rising damp is or was present, apply Kingfisher Anti Sulphate Solution to neutralise corrosive groundwater salts and apply the first coat of Thermapaint Liquid Membrane within 12 hours.


Stir well before use and in winter time, warm the container overnight to room temperature to aid workability of the liquid.  Apply 2 x even coats by brush or roller.  A foam type gloss roller is most efficient.   The product may be applied to damp surfaces, but not glistening wet and ideally with a background temperature above 7 °C. 

Due to the diverse variety of background types and site conditions, it is always advisable to check adhesion to the background by testing on a sample area before starting any job.

If two or three coats are being applied it is recommended that they are applied at right angles to each other.  Before application of the second coat the first coat must be allowed to become touch dry. The time required to achieve this will vary depending upon the prevailing site conditions but will typically be in the order of 1 hour at 20 °C.  It is preferable that the second coat is applied within 24 hours of the application of the first coat.

Dries in 4 to 8 hours at 20 °C.  Do not apply to surfaces with a temperature below 7 °C.

How much will I need?

To form a reliable and efficient Damp Proof Membrane, Thermapaint DPM must be applied in two coats as specified.  Coverage rate:  4 m² / litre per coat (2 m² / litre finished).


a) Not suitable as a stand-alone tanking membrane in new builds, where regulations stipulate BOTH a primary and secondary water proofing system (typically a cavity drain membrane) must be installed.

b) Where salt contamination is detected, pre-treat with Kingfisher Anti Sulphate Solution .

c) Basements and other underground structures frequently exhibit complex waterproofing challenges, even for experienced installers.  We therefore recommend that you contact our technical department for supporting in selecting the correct products for your project.  

Technical Support

As always, we recommend that you read the Technical Data Sheet & Safety Data Sheet thoroughly before commencing any work.  If in doubt please call us for advice, we are here to help.

Damp Garage

Damp has always been a problem in our garage as one end has the garden piled against it 3 feet deep! This product (plus the anti-salt stuff) has stopped the leaks and the wall is less prone to condensation. Is quite thick to apply though...


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