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Solvent No2 (Xylene Thinners)

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Solvent No2 is a versatile solvent thinner which can be used for thinning a variety of oil based paints, coatings and sealers.

Where K-Seal Total or Ultimate Topcoat have suffered moisture contamination, resulting in white staining, Solvent No2 is ideal for remedial cleaning. In effect it softens the resin, allowing moisture to escape and neutralising the stains. The surface can then be re-sealed with a single coat of K-Seal Total.

Solvent No2 is for outdoor use only. Always wear eye protection, mask and gloves when handling the product. Please contact us if you require any further product advice.

Solvent 2

This does as it says on tin. Had a few issues with patio sealer and this softens the sealer and allows you to re-work it. Would be handier in a smaller size though.


Reviewed by Jamie B on

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