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Mould & Mildew Control

Prevent mould and mildew with our professional mould cleaner and specialist Products Anti-Mould Paints.

Our range of cleaners and anti-mould paints contain specialised additives in order to create an active barrier to robustly and dependably prevent mould. If mould has already started to grow, we provide cleaners and cures which act as a mould remover.

Anti-Mould Paint (Thermapaint)

Thermapaint Anti-Mould

kills mould, improves air quality, reduces condensation.

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5 Stars based on 15 reviews
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Damp Proof Membrane (Thermapaint)

Thermapaint DPM

Liquid membrane barrier to protect against dampness.

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Anti-Mould Paint (Fungicidal Paint)

Anti-Mould Paint

Solution for walls suffering from unsightly black spot mould growth.

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